Sunday, October 6, 2013

Strong is Sexy Movie: Right on Track

I really enjoyed this movie from Disney. They do more than cartoons, you know. This is a docudrama based on two real-life girls (now young women) named Erica and Courtney Enders. 

It stars Beverley Mitchell and Brie Larson. 
Basically, it's about two chicks paving the way for other women in junior drag racing. Encouraged by their racing dad, the elder Ender wants nothing more than to race. She has a natural talent for it. She paves the way for her sister and other girls to follow.

There's much resistance. Fellow racers and their fathers tell her she doesn't belong on the track and ask her if she needs tissues when she loses...she can't get a sponsor, even though folks she's beaten repeatedly have them. 

It's 'cause she's a girl and she knows it. This makes her somewhat an overachiever.

She becomes a teenager and while she wants nothing more than to win the Nationals, she also has to deal with struggling grades, boys and her lack of time for them, and the growing pressure she puts on herself. OH, and the part I liked best--how she has to learn to not only handle losing, but also WINNING.

I also enjoyed the "getting back on the horse scene." I'm not going to elaborate. You need to set your DVRs and watch it.

I thought this was a superb movie, though at times I felt the heroine was way overly cocky and even bratty--but she's a kid and that's to be expected. It's def a "girl power" flick and it's clean. I recommend it to the masses.

I think the movie took some liberties. As I said, it's based on the real women, but doesn't follow everything to a T. Regardless, I was inspired to check out the real woman. Here's her website. She's still racing, but stock cars now. Her list of accomplishments is extensive... I consulted Wiki for more of a list format.

-She was the youngest NHRA national event finalist in 2000 and NHRA Sportsman Rookie of the Year
-"The first woman in NHRA history to qualify in the top-half of a Pro Stock field, and the first woman to reach a final round in Pro Stock (at Chicago). Enders achieved more round wins in 2005 than all other female drivers in NHRA Pro Stock history combined, and was a finalist for the “Road to the Future” award for the season’s top rookie.
-She broke the national speed record in Pro Stock at 213.57 mph (343.71 km/h) at the Gainsville round, and defeated Kurt Busch
-"On July 1st, 2012, Erica reached another milestone, becoming the first female Pro Stock even winner in NHRA history."

From Wiki Commons. Erica (left) and Courtney (Right)

Check your local TV listings. If you have the Disney channel, it may be on again soon.

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