Thursday, October 17, 2013

Strong is Sexy Heroine of the Week: Alice Jaye

Book: Ask Me for Tomorrow
Author: Elise K. Ackers
Heroine: Alice Jaye

Alice Jaye is the heroine of the third Homeland novella, Ask Me For Tomorrow, and perhaps the strongest of the series’ leading ladies. A single mother working two jobs, she gives all her spare time to her troubled son, Ben. He’s being bullied at school – by her boss’s kid, no less – and he gets quieter every day. There are days when Alice can hardly find the strength to get up of a morning, but she endures. She’s strong, resilient and endlessly selfless. And it takes a certain kind of person to give the Foster family a run for their money.

Although a little overweight, with finger length regrowth and nails bitten down to the quick, Alice has some serious sex appeal. She’s perfectly curved for hugs, and she has no idea what she’s doing to Dean Foster’s long-dormant libido. Alice is sexy because she’s not trying to be – she is who she is, with the limited time that she has, and she makes Dean want to prove that sometimes the world, and all its complications, can wait.

Ask Me For Tomorrow: A Homeland Book was just released. Ask Me To Stay and Ask Me For More are the first and second novellas in the rural romance series, and are available now.

Three years after losing his wife, Dean Foster feels like he's living in a daze. When he finds himself attracted to his new employee, it comes as quite a shock.

Single mum, Alice Jaye, is struggling to make ends meet. She's too tired to flirt with her gorgeous new boss and firmly maintains a professional distance. But when their children bring them into close contact, keeping their relationship strictly business isn't easy.

As Alice and her son spend more time with his family, Dean's heart begins to open once more. But can he risk starting all over again?

This eagerly anticipated final book of the Homeland series is a tender, heartwarming story about letting go of the past and giving love a second chance.

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