Sunday, November 3, 2013

Movie: Christopher Strong

I waited a long time for TCM to air this one, and close caption it to boot. I love me women pilot stories!!! As far as aviation, this one didn't disappoint too badly, but I must confess it was far overshadowed by everyone's torrid love affairs. 

It's not so much a movie about aviation, but adultery.

He (some gov't man, married, one daughter) pretends to be the perfect husband. She (a daredevil pilot who claims to never have been in love) dutifully hides their affair. Meanwhile, his daughter is having tons of her own affairs and when her beau leaves HIS wife for her, that's okay, but when she discovers her father and friend doing the same thing, that's NOT okay. *rolls eyes* Though, I will say at least the daughter and her beau never hid what they were doing. There was no games. And they point this out.

Everyone is cheating on everyone--except the wife, of course. She's sitting at home crying about it and letting him do what he wants, turning the other cheek...

This is not a Strong is Sexy Because even though we have a woman pilot who truly believes courage conquers all--she gave it all up for a man, a married one. And she acts with complete disregard to others at all times. His wife, his daughter, and in the end, the world and anyone nearby, as well as another person I won't mention as it will spoil the ending.
I don't consider acting with complete disregard for others to be a strong or a sexy trait.

BUT I did like the little bit of aviation in this movie. It's not to be taken too seriously though. She does a round-the-world race. (Made me think of AE there for a second.) There's a small amount of planes flying around. There's an altitude thing.

I actually preferred the heroine before she met a man and fell in love...and therein sorta lies the gist. Women can lose their courage and spunk when they are in love if they aren't careful. Don't let a man dictate what you do or not do. Don't lose yourself so much in him, that you lose yourself completely. Remember it's gotta be about you too.

This movie is from 1933 and stars Katherine Hepburn. I didn't love it, but I did appreciate that "moral", not sure if that's what it intended though.

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