Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Julius Romeros Extravaganza, Part 2 by Hayley Lawson-Smith Now Available!

I thoroughly enjoyed book one and reviewed it here. Prior to that, Ms. Lawson-Smith provided an intriguing guest post in which she talks about the mysterious ancestor on her family tree, with no arms or legs, who inspired this series... If you haven't already read it, I encourage you to do so now, then visit the book's Amazon or Goodreads page and see if it's something you'd enjoy reading.

For those of you eagerly awaiting the second installment of this series, I'm pleased to announce....

It's HERE!!!!

First, the blurb:
Abigail the Bearded Girl is all grown up and enjoying her life as a member of The Julius Romeros Extravaganza. But with new joys come new challenges, and the revelation that show business is not always fun and magic. When Abigail and her talented family of Freaks and artists meet the self-proclaimed ‘Professor’ Argoyle Curr, their lives are set on a course of adventure and danger, which sees them revisiting old friends and making new ones.

And I have the trailer to share.

Keep watching the blog for my review of book two.

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