Sunday, November 17, 2013

Prime Suspect Part Two

So I left off last month having watched about half of all the available-on-blueray mysteries featuring Jane Tennison. I'm afraid I was unable to watch all twenty-something hours in a month, so this month, I'm sharing my thoughts on series 5, 6, and 7.

Series 5: This one is in two parts. It's gang and drug-related and appears there just may be a leak in the force. I find it interesting that almost every mystery reveals at least one corrupt person in high standing within the ranks. There's this kid named Street and he seems to get away with everything...he's way too powerful and it looks like it's up to Jane to take him down a few pegs. There won't be a happy ending in this one. Too many people have been hurt... At the heart of this though is how drugs and addiction can totally destroy a family.

Jane is also a tad distracted by her new affair with her married boss. To be honest, I'm not sure why they have her having affairs at all. They mystery and crime and the investigations are enough to keep us on our toes. Though this one is not totally irrelevant, such as the one with the doctor was.

I swear, I thought Jane was going to die in this one, even though common sense tells me that if if there's a season 6, obviously she was just that INTENSE. I'm using that word a lot for this TV show.

Series 6: I especially appreciate this one because it delves into war crimes. She treads a fine line as she disobeys direct orders to charge a man she knows is guilty but her gov't is protecting. I have a lot of respect for this side of Jane. She does what she knows is right. This "mystery" involves dead, tortured girls, political refugees, whistle-blowing, stolen identity, political corruptness--lots of that in these.

Series 7: Jane seems to be falling in this, into a bad slump of alcoholism and self-destruction. The case involves a missing and later dead girl. Who killed her and why? The suspect list has two main players and the end result was a surprise. This particular series also shows us more of Jane's personal life, her relationship with her family, her drinking. I'm a tad sad the show ended this way. I'd have preferred to see Jane go out on a ball of glory, kicking butt as she retires, not drowning in drink, but then again, what I've appreciated about this series is it's real life. It doesn't always paint a pretty picture, because life--especially that of detective who witnesses horrid things all day--is not a pretty picture.

As I conclude this show, I am once again going to use the word INTENSE. 

I received from Acorn Media in exchange for an honest review.

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