Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pictures From My Recent Trip, If You're Interested.

I'm not sure if ya'll are that interested in me, so this may be a waste of my time...but what the heck. It'll be here for me to see, at least. :D

So, I took a trip with the husband in October. We did a cruise with Holland America. I gotta be honest; I don't see myself using them again. While Carnival is WAY too laid back with their hairy chest contests and drunk people passing out, Holland is way too stick-up-the-ass. We paid a lot of money to go on this thing, right? I mean, like, our entire tax return just about. LOL. But despite that, they refused to let us eat in the dining room because OMG we were wearing shorts! (It was 95 degrees and so damn humid I had to flat iron my hair three times a day! Of course we're going to wear shorts, and they weren't holey shorts.) Frankly, I thought them BS and my husband called the ship a floating retirement home and we aren't planning to do this again, at least not with them, but we did have some good moments. Here they are.

In Ft. Lauderdale, there were like four ships docked. Ours is on the right. I'm not impressed with Ft. Lauderdale. I mean, seriously, you want a tip for THROWING my luggage around??? Get outta town.

My mother made this shirt. :D
Purse in ship library made from computer keys.
Just a cool "sofa" outside the ship elevators.

The ship had an awesome chandelier. If you look close, you'll see the top of it is the New York City skyline. It changed colors as it rotated.

In ship's showroom. They had a show every night. They weren't deaf friendly though. I didn't understand what was going on, except when people were dancing.


Grand Turk was interesting. We did a tour, saw the lighthouse and where a ship full of illegal slaves landed. It's said that most of the island's residents today are descended from those slaves.


They had donkeys wandering all over, just like we have deer.
El Morro, Puerto Rico. Not many of you know this, but my grandmother, an amazing Puerto Rican woman, passed away last year. I was thankfully able to take her ashes back to her native land and place her at the base of El Morro where she will now have a lovely view of the ocean.

Had a pina colada. :D
The first mayor of PR was a woman!

El Viejo San Juan

I'm actually editing here, seriously.


We went to a beach called Half Moon Cay, saw pretty flowers, had some drinks, and look, there were roosters and chickens walking around us. LOL

My favorite picture. Isn't it romantic? It's our feet, the beach, and our ship in the background.


  1. Too bad about the 'stuffy' ship, Tara, but the rest of your vacation looks pretty darned good. I'd love to visit Puerto Rico some day - it looks like a place full of authorly inspiration. BTW, I have a friend who takes cruise vacations every year and absolutely loves Norwegian Cruise Lines.

  2. Hey Tara, I loved reading about your cruise. Sorry to hear you weren't too happy. I've done 4 cruises and loved every one of them. What you did for your grandmother was very special and touching. I also love the pic of you editing... it must be great to be able to take your job with you like that. Cheers

  3. You won't believe how hard I have fought to find a way to leave this comment! So yeah, this is me, pooks.

    As I've attempted to say--I love your pics, especially the ones of you and the hubster playing footsy, and you in your shorts! I've only been on one cruise but what I've heard is that your experience is the norm--dress codes vary but shorts are rarely on them.

    One exception is the cruise I took and highly recommend--a Hawaiian cruise that departs and returns to port in Honolulu. They understand that people are there wearing casual clothes and as long as you aren't grubby, you're fine. It's a great cruise--sleep while you go from one island to the next, and wake up ready to walk down the gangplank and see the new place. No time wasted moving from one island to the next.