Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Photographer Tells Girls They Can Be More Than Princesses

I first saw this on a blog I follow. I love what this photographer does and I tell ya, I don't care if it's aimed at girls, I'd pose for her in a heartbeat if she was located near me. Let me tell you about a new pioneer in photography, a woman who is inspiring young girls through her pictures and how...

From her site:
"The NOT Just A Girl Series started in May 2013 with my daughter, Emma's, 5th Birthday Portraits. From my blog, "I had been searching everywhere for new-creative inspiration for her 5yr pictures. I noticed quite a pattern of so many young girls dressing up as beautiful Disney Princesses; no matter where I looked, 95% of the “ideas” were the “How to’s” of dressing your little girl like a Disney Princess. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Disney Princesses, from their beautiful dresses, perfect hair, gorgeous voices and most with ideal love stories in the mix, you can’t help but become entranced with the characters. But it got me thinking, they’re just characters, a writer's tale of a princess...…an unrealistic fantasy for most girls".

Honoring Susan B. Anthony

I was looking to make a change, do something different that we (Emma and I) could both enjoy. "It started me thinking about all the REAL women for my daughter to know about and look up too, REAL women who without ever meeting Emma have changed her life for the better. My daughter wasn’t born into royalty, but she was born into a country where she can now vote, become a doctor, a pilot, an astronaut, or even President if she wants and that’s what REALLY matters. I wanted her to know the value of these amazing women who had gone against everything so she can now have everything".

This shoot was not just a birthday photo session but also a learning experience with the added fun of dress up keeping Emma engaged and excited to know more about these incredible women she was portraying. "We chose 5 women (five amazing and strong women), as it was her 5th birthday but there are thousands of unbelievable women (and girls) who have beat the odds and fought (and still fight) for their equal rights all over the world…… let’s set aside the Barbie Dolls and the Disney Princesses for just a moment, and let’s show our girls the REAL women they can be."

Honoring Amelia Earhart

Photographer Jaime C. Moore first shared the Not Just A Girl Series of her daughter, Emma, portraying iconic women of history in May of 2013 since sharing the series they have received hundreds of letters, calls, emails and messages from inspired women and men all over the world. Now they are working hard to expand the Series, with the intent to photograph dozens of girls while reaching out to any and all ethnicity, culture and women of inspiration. To accomplish this, we need your help. Please follow this link for more information before the deadline. 

All photos can be found here.

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