Friday, November 29, 2013

Strong is Sexy Heroine of the Week: Eve

Book: Brave Girl
Author: Kate Baum
Heroine: Eve

I loved writing about Eve. Her story is book two of my series. The series is about four best friends. How is Eve strong? Well, she is nicknamed the "Brave" girl of the group. Eve likes her tough girl image but she has a heart of gold. Unfortunately, she also has an Irish temper. She doesn't tolerate bullying and will always stick up for the underdog. She is full of adventure. She'll try anything. Rock climbing, parachuting, etc. She loves to test herself with her courage and bravery. That's why she doesn't handle it well when she finds she is falling in love. 

Eve is beautiful both inside and out. She has the mane of red hair from her Irish ancestry and vivid green eyes. However, just like it was described above, she is a fiercely loyal friend and, at one part of the book, even put herself in danger to protect a friend. She speaks her mind and regrets it later. She's a school librarian and her passion is getting children to love books. She's a wonderful role model and heroine.

Brave Girl (Girl Series #2)Blurb:
Eve is beyond excitement for her new adventure. Only a truly brave girl could move thousands of miles from home to begin a five year commitment teaching on an American Indian Reservation. As soon as she arrives, she finds that many of the tribe’s people are not very welcoming. They are suspicious of the college students that work and live on the reservation in exchange for free graduate tuition. After a misunderstanding, Eve decides she absolutely despises a certain tribal police officer. Circumstances cause her to keep running into him. 

Lou regrets the awkward situation where he first met Eve. He had been openly distrustful of the college girls who have come to live on the reservation. In the past, some of the girls were disrespectful of the tribe’s culture. There is something different about Eve. He can’t get her out of his head. The more he tries to get to know her, the more she pulls away. What will it take for Lou to convince Eve that their attraction for each other cannot be denied?

Eve has given up on men. She has had unsatisfying sex in the past and decided that men are just not worth the trouble. She’s a modern young woman and decides that using a handy tool is all she needs to relieve her sexual frustration. The problem is……there’s a gorgeous sexy police officer that stirs her blood like no man has ever done before. Eve is tough and strong and brave. She doesn’t like the fact that her legs shake and her voice trembles whenever she crosses paths with him. Maybe if she keeps running from him, she won’t have to face what her body…..or her heart is telling her.

****Warning – for adults only. Contains graphic sex including a group sex scene and a m/m sexual situation.*

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