Friday, June 26, 2015

Midnight Supper at the Rise and Shine by Tara Woolpy

Midight Supper at the Rise and Shine follows a family who owns a diner and we learn about the daily life of this complex family. This was my first book by the author. I really enjoyed her writing style and would read a book of hers again.

The story itself was good. I enjoyed learning about the different people in Irene's life. Many of the family interactions were comical and very much realistic when it comes to a family that is always together.

As far as the main character of the story (this is a first person story), I really wan't crazy about Irene. I had a hard time relating to her and many of the times the thoughts she had or things she said, I just felt were shallow.

Aside from not really liking the Irene (the main character), as I stated, I did enjoy the rest of the characters and would be interested in their stories in the future.

My Rating:

About the Book

Bad luck and worse choices—that’s Irene. She’s been a widow half her life and now splits her time between waitressing at the Rise and Shine cafĂ© and singing in an oldies cover band. And she’s having an affair with a married man—something that even her eclectic, super liberal family can’t condone.

She’d be the first one to admit she has faults, but she’s not a bigot. The genetic pool in her nuclear family spans the globe. And it’s not that she’s prejudiced against people with disabilities but that doctors and wheelchairs give her the heebie-jeebies. So when a cute guy in a chair keeps showing up in the restaurant, she’s clumsy, awkward and strangely drawn. Can Irene let go of the past or is she too emotionally broken to find a future worth the risk?

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