Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ask Away Sunday: Yes, I DO Have a Bad Writing Habit...

Today's question is from M.A. Grant. He or she wants to know..."What is your best writing habit, and what is your worst writing habit (if you have one, that is)?"

My best writing edit as I go! Every few paragraphs I go back up and reread it and watch for errors. I'm sure my publishers and editors appreciate this as they rarely get MSs from me full of errors.

My worst writing habit: I sometimes start things and don't finish. I have thrown away 10k before. Something wasn't working. I wasn't satisfied. Maybe book sales were really bad and I said, "F*ck this! Nobody wants to read my sh*t anyway!" and I'll throw the entire first quarters of novels away.

I'd say that's a bad habit. LOL

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