Monday, June 24, 2013

Marriage Matters by Cynthia Ellingsen

Weddings are pretty stressful affairs, especially considering it's supposed to be the best day of a woman's life... Imagine walking down the aisle, however, with your mother and grandmother! All three of you getting married on the same day!
Marriage Matters

Chloe is the granddaughter and she's engaged to a man who just may want her around solely to take care of his daughter...hum. Kristine has been married 25 years and it's going stale (he'd rather go hunting with his buddies than go to Italy with her!), but she's expected to renew her vows. Does she want to spend another 25 years with him? June swore off men since she was widowed, but she has this love/hate thing with her neighbor.

The story is funny with bits of humor here and there as all three women prepare to walk to down the aisle and plan their triple wedding. I laughed out loud at June's antics at destroying Charley's garden and her old lady friends competing for the same man. Chloe...I had a harder time with her. I was like "Are you blind???" Kristine--I totally got her. Her story had the most effect on me. She's tired, feels like her husband doesn't love her anymore, and is tempted by another man. It's a rut I imagine most marriage face at some point. And the way the author handled this was fantastic. At no point was this subplot distasteful or dirty.

I especially loved watching June and Charley move on from widowhood and into each other's arms while at the same time, maintaining the sweetest respect for their dead spouses. The family time between the three women warmed my heart too.

What was especially wonderful about this book though besides the laughs, was the theme: you always have your family.

Yea, they  meddle, but sometimes meddling is necessary.

Quibble: There really wasn't enough Ben considering how important he was to the story.

LOL moment:

June: "If I end up missing, he's buried my body in the garden."
Chloe: "You always say he doesn't know how to buy a decent fertilizer."

Four bikes. I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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