Saturday, June 1, 2013

Meet the Stars & Judges of The Next Bestseller

In Plotting to Win, I created my own reality TV show... I figure, dancers have a show, bachelors have a show, people who want to eat disgusting things like water buffalo penises have a show...why don't authors have one? After all, it's a very competitive market. We're always trying to outsell, outcontract each other...

I made one. It's called The Next Bestseller and the format of the show is modeled after Ink Master, a personal favorite of mine. There are three judges, all related to the literary world. The head judge has her own TV show and book club. Judge number two is a bestselling romance author. Judge number three is a literary agent...and then we have the contestants.

They all face two challenges each per round. The winner of the first challenge is allowed to manipulate the second challenge, which determines who goes and who stays and in the end...who is the next bestseller--the winner of 100 grand, a publishing contract, and the title.

And here...I'd like you to meet the stars.

The head judge. The lady you don't want to mess with. She can make or break you.

The literary agent judge. I'd be careful with him. Maybe you perform well, win or lose, he may remember you...

Bestselling romance novelist, Nicole comes off as the "nicer" judge, but the woman made it to the top somehow and nice doesn't cut it.

The contestants. Felicity wants to win. She's always wanted to write and she wants to honor her dead parents. Nobody--not even a good-looking man--is going to stand in her way.

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Roy, former military and no-nonsense. Don't underestimate a Vietnam vet.

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Victor. The handsome Latino has to win. There's no question. He needs the money to care for his mother.

Arnold is the youngest and a possible shining star in the horror industry...if he can make it to the finale.

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Dez...he's got an attitude and he's determined to win even if he has to fight dirty.

Carmen...she's tough and she's got a lot to prove. Fighting for women everywhere, she's determined not to go down. Will her attitude cost her or push her to the top?

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Tiffani wants to win this to prove everyone else wrong about the erotic industry. It's real, solid is! Her and Felicity get off on the wrong foot and emotions run high...

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Based on the images and their quotes alone, who do you think is going to be the next bestseller? 

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