Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Meet the Strong Women from Lavender Road, Introduced by Helen Carey

Lavender Road (London at War)Strong women – don’t you love them? Especially if they don’t start off that strong but grow as the book progresses. That’s why I enjoy writing about the Second World War - that’s when so many women (particularly in the UK) started to realise that they had the same skills and abilities as men. With most men away at war they found the chance to take on new roles and responsibilities, often surprising their men and themselves too! 
Jen Carter in LAVENDER ROAD dreams of making a name for herself on the stage despite her unpromising and entirely unsupportive family background. She suffers repeated knockbacks, both in her career and her private life, but her gritty determination wins through in the end. 

Some Sunny DayKaty Parsons in SOME SUNNY DAY has always been over-cosseted by her anxious publican parents. Trying to gain some independence she enrols as a nurse but finds it far more gruelling and exhausting than she imagined. But when her father is killed in the Blitz and her new husband is missing overseas she eventually finds the courage to reopen the pub herself in order to provide for her unborn baby.
Lady Helen de Burrel in ON A WING AND A PRAYER is fed up with everyone treating her as a brainless debutante. Against her better judgement she offers her services to the Secret Operations Executive and finds herself battling to hold her own among a group of tough ambitious men during the brutal agent training. But her real test comes when she is asked to parachute into France to help blow up the ships in Toulon harbour before the Nazis can get them.

The Art of LovingIn my recent contemporary suspense novel, SLICK DEALS, Ella Crossley, a young, city girl oil trader, finds herself way outside her comfort zone when she gets embroiled in hunting down the kidnappers of her boss’s son. Much more used to business lunches and dinner parties, the last thing she wants to do is get involved with the irritatingly laid back environmentalist, Nick Jardine, and a group of eco warriors in the wilds of West Wales. But she rises to the occasion and between them they not only rescue the child but also prevent a massive oil disaster.

In THE ART OF LOVING, young artist Kelly James arrives in Heidelberg to work with an eminent German painter. She has been offered accommodation with her aunt but is immediately thrown off balance by discovering that her aunt is dying and that her husband’s nephew the wealthy, arrogant scientist Max Dreiecke von Hardwald believes Kelly has come to try and get her name in the will. Battling both her own nervousness about her artistic ability and her attraction for her antagonistic host, Kelly needs all the strength she can muster.

Helen Carey

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