Monday, June 10, 2013

Editing Services

I have edited over a hundred manuscripts in the last two years, some for romance publishers, and some for self-published authors. I have extensive knowledge about head hopping, disembodied parts, comma usage, overused and unnecessary words, dialogue and action tags, telling versus showing, information dumps, passive sentences, and purple prose. I charge $3.25 for every thousand words and I require half the payment up front via paypal, the rest upon completion of the manuscript.

I'd be happy to edit a one-page sample for you and upon your satisfaction, schedule a week to edit your manuscript. The above fee includes content and copy editing and two read-throughs.

From my Authors:

"Tara Chevrestt has edited a couple of my books and did a wonderful job. Grammar is a tad hard for me and Tara has always taken the time to go over any questions I’ve had. She’s been patient and has taught me a few tricks to help me navigate my word program." --Kassanna, bestselling author of Interracial Romance

"I have known Tara for two years. It has been my pleasure to have her edit two of my titles. The experience became a partnership. She impressed me with her willingness to discuss the editorial process beforehand. Her technical expertise and creative solutions helped improve both manuscripts." --Lisa J. Yarde, multi-published author

"Tara is a wonderful editor and quite responsive to your needs and questions. She has a sharp eye for detail and an ear for dialogue. She also knows how to ask the right questions to get your creative juices working in the right direction for your story." --Dahlia DeWinters, multi-published romance author

"Tara has been insightful, encouraging, prompt, and above all, very professional in all her dealings with me. She’s a terrific editor. With her help, we have produced highly saleable novels for readers to enjoy. It was a pleasure to work with her." --Lorraine Nelson, bestselling romance author

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