Thursday, June 27, 2013

Strong is Sexy Heroine of the Week: Cynthiana Davenport

Book: Homerun
Author: Ruth Roberts
Heroine: Cynthiana Davenport

This week, we have something a little different for you...we have the hero--Roberto--telling us what he sees in the heroine...strength and sexiness.

When I first met Cynthiana Davenport, I was captivated by her beauty. A fiery red head with flashing blue eyes and porcelain skin. But her appeal goes far beyond her sexy smile, or the way all eyes turn to her when she walks into a room. She is strong because she survived being raised by wealthy parents who neglected her, when they did show any interest in her it was to serve their own purposes. Affection and love were bad words in her home and any attempts to display them were harshly rejected. She was primed to take her place in the highest echelons of society, but getting there was less than fun. 

Because of her strength of character she triumphed and turned herself into a caring, giving person. Spending her time teaching children and planning charity events for underprivileged youths. I can't imagine what it was like when the two people who were supposed to nurture and love, instead did everything they could to crush her heart and spirit. I am so thankful they didn't succeed because the woman I love is like a flower after a rain storm, who despite the harsh beating from the rain still blooms bright.

Cynthiana, beautiful, intelligent, and by all appearances, a spoiled socialite, finds herself as chair of the Inner City Youth League Charity Gala. Her Co-Chair, Roberto Luque, is Major League Baseball’s newest playboy from the Dominican Republic. Far from being in the league of men her parents expect her to choose from, which is just fine with her, since she has sworn off playboys. But, as they work together she discovers his devotion to the inner city children and wonders if there is more to him than his playboy reputation. Will she break her no playboy rule long enough to find out?

Roberto fought his way into the Majors. Now a successful pitcher for the Texas Rangers, he is living the life he always dreamed of--until he faces off with a bad-tempered, blue-eyed, redhead that is not his type. Why is he so drawn to her? The Charity Gala gives him a chance to find out. What he finds beneath that socialite veneer captivates him, heart and soul.

When her powerful father threatens to tear them apart, destroying not only their love, but also Roberto’s hard won career, will he be willing to give it all up for love?


A determined Cynthiana strode up the front steps of her parents twenty-thousand square foot palatial home. She walked right in the front door, even though they had asked her countless times to ring the doorbell instead. She refused to act as a guest in her childhood home, where her parents still lived.
The shocked housekeeper entered the foyer and started sputtering when she saw her. “Oh miss, I didn’t hear the doorbell. I’m so sorry. If you’ll have a seat in the front parlor, I’ll let your parents know you are here.”

“No need, Molly. Is my father in his office?” she asked as she brushed by.

“Yes. But you can’t just go in—”

Cynthiana ignored her and approached the double mahogany doors to her father’s office, hurled them open, stepped inside and slammed them behind her.

Her father glanced up from what he was writing, then returned to his writing without saying a word. More furious than hurt by his dismissal, Cynthiana went to his desk and slammed her hands on top to get his attention. “Leave Roberto alone. That is not a request.”

He threw his pen on his desk and scooted his chair back, but remained seated. His glacial blue eyes meant he was angry—Cynthiana had seen that glare many times before.

“You do not give me orders, young lady. I will do whatever needs to be done to protect my family, and that includes you. Whether you like it or not, you are a Davenport.”

Cynthiana met his angry gaze with one that matched his in color and intensity. “Oh, please. All I’ve ever been to you and mother is an accessory that you could show off to your friends when needed, then pushed to the background once I had served my purpose. If it hadn’t been for the Howards, who took me in whenever the two of you abandoned me, I would have never known the true meaning of a family.”

“Spare me your theatrics. It wasn’t the Howards who clothed and fed you or who paid for the best education money can buy. While you were playing house with the Howard’s, your mother and I were busy making the money that you benefited from, that made you a Davenport of the Dallas Davenports. And now you are threatening to tarnish that good name? I won’t allow it Cynthiana.” Somewhere during his tirade he had stood and now towered over her.

Never one to back down, she fired at him, “You are not attempting to protect me, you are trying to maintain an image and if my happiness has to be sacrificed along the way, then so be it. Isn’t that right, Daddy? You want me to be a true Davenport? Fine, I will. I’m warning you now, if you hurt the man I love I will use all the weapons in the Davenport arsenal to bring you down.”

His face glared red with rage. “How dare you threaten me?”

“It’s a warning, Daddy. Stay out of my life. Leave Roberto alone.” She turned and walked away, out of his office and out of the house, ignoring his yells.

“Get back here, Cynthiana! We aren’t finished!”

She smiled in satisfaction—maybe she was more of a Davenport than she thought.

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