Thursday, June 13, 2013

Is it Time for a New Giveaway?

Last year, I tried something new. I had T-shirts made and had a grand bash in which I gave one away. I made them to promote myself as an author and put my website on it.

I purchased these shirts on I remember flipping out because I was afraid I didn't have the right pixels and the image would be blurry. I'm pleased to say they communicated with me via email about it, and the pixels/image on the shirt turned out fine.

I'm now thinking it's time for another giveaway...After all, I've changed the name of my site and my motto is now STRONG IS SEXY.

What would ya'll say about a Strong is Sexy T-shirt giveaway? And should I use my super-heroine logo?

Thoughts welcome. I'll keep you updated, but I see a T-shirt giveaway in the near future. Let the wheels start turning...

Meanwhile, those of you seeking custom T-shirts for anything, do take a moment to check out their site. It's easy to use and they take the time communicate with you. 


  1. I love the idea, new motto, and supper heroine graphic. I want one, lol!

    1. Hopefully, I'll have it next week. And can post the giveaway. ;)