Thursday, June 20, 2013

Strong is Sexy Heroine of the Week: Holly Grey

Book: Hubble Bubble
Author: Jane Lovering
Heroine: Holly Grey

Holly Grey from Hubble Bubble is an independent woman.  She lives and works alone and doesn’t need anyone else in her life – she’s already got a man in the shape of her brother, Nick.  But Nick is not the big brother that most women would want, or could cope with, he’s highly strung and prone to paranoia, so Holly has to maintain stability and absolutely NEVER give way to her emotions.  She has to stay strong, to keep life running smoothly for her brother, even when it seems her own life is out of control. 

It’s Holly’s ability to care that makes her sexy.  Her ability to empathise.  When Kai Rhys gets some news he never expected, that makes his whole life fall apart, Holly is there for him.  She listens, when no one else will, she offers the support and comfort that he needs in order to face up to some serious personal demons, and overcome them. And she’s there when he finds out who he truly is, and what he truly wants...

Be careful what you wish for…

Holly Grey only took up witchery to keep her friend out of trouble – and now she’s knee-deep in hassle, in the form of apocalyptic weather, armed men, midwifery…and a sarcastic Welsh journalist.

Kai has been drawn to darkest Yorkshire by his desire to find out who he really is. What he hadn’t bargained on was getting caught up in amateur magic and dealing with a bunch of women who are trying really hard to make their dreams come true.

Together they realise that getting what you wish for is sometimes just a matter of knowing what it is you want…

Hubble Bubble is one of Apple's 'Best Books of June':

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