Sunday, April 26, 2015

Crafty Ladies, What Are You Working On? 4/26/15

I've been doing a lot of crafting lately. I haven't shared it and then I asked myself, "Why the hell not?"

So, it's Sunday, and the day was free, and so I've decided to share the projects I have going right now.

First of all, I just finished another clutch. This one is for a friend. When I asked her what she liked, she said, "Southwest, Aztec, the color teal."

And this is what I came up with. The pattern is from and was originally intended for a basket. But I changed it up, obviously, and added a few beads--sewed them into the pattern.

Ongoing projects:
I just started this coin purse. It's a great idea from Stitch & Zip. They are sold in the craft catalogs for 15 bucks a piece, but I found them on Amazon for 12.99, free shipping (Prime). I've ordered more than one but this is the first I'm making. The coin purse unzips all the way around, enabling you to stitch the pre-colored canvas without impediment. Then you zip it up. As a coin purse, obviously, you only unzip the top part. This means no sewing is required, which is great for me because I can stitch all day, but sew? No way.

Also in progress: a clutch that came in a kit from Framous in Canada. I'm not crazy about this. It's taking me forever, especially compared to the clutch forms. It's ten-count and larger and the entire thing has to be stitched together--and there are three pieces to each side, a bottom, a flap, another piece, and the large front and back, which you see here. I'm already so tired of the sight of it. Yet, I will trudge on. I will say that what I like about this kit is that the charts are the exact size of the canvas. You can simply place the canvas on top of the chart and mark where you see the color. Faster than counting.

Hopefully I have a finished product to show you next Sunday. I've got a third project started, but it hasn't gotten far enough for you to see much. Meanwhile, what are YOU working on?

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