Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Is the Objectification of Women a Form of Terrorism? Dietland by @QueSaraiSera Makes One Wonder

DietlandThis is probably the most powerful novel I will read this year--heck, maybe in my life. It's thought evoking, daring, and if you're a woman whose knickers aren't already in a twist, they will be. Because this novel will make you think hard, about your body, how you view it, how men view it, and how the way men view it changes the way you view it. Do you want to be thin for yourself, to be healthy? Or do you just want to be....f*ckable? And if you truly are the latter, are you happy being objectified by men constantly?

There are two stories here. Plum is overweight and she lives her life as if she's attending a funeral everyday. (As was noted in that journal). She's put her life completely on hold; it won't really start until she's skinny. She has a closet full of dresses for her future self. She plans to marry when she's skinny. She plans so many things that she refuses to do now..she won't even try to do them now. Plum's life is on hold. Only thoughts of her skinny future and some anti-depressants are keeping her going.

A mysterious woman who follows her leads her to another group of women who begin a "plan" with her. At the end of five tasks, Plum will have to decide if she still wants the weight loss surgery or not.

This entire story of Plum, her weight, and the way people treat her...makes the reader face many things they may or may not want to face. How we look at people and ourselves, how men treat skinny women versus larger women. How well do you really know the men in your life? Are you seeing their true side?

And yea, though it's easier said than done, if you refuse to let the taunts and comments hurt you, you've taken away the power the commenters held over you.

Meanwhile, a female "terrorist" group branded "Jennifer" begins to get revenge on sex predators and other men who objectify women. Men who have raped, abused, etc, are suddenly falling from planes in the sky--without parachutes--or found dead in bags on the interstate.

Despite the seriousness of terrorism, I thoroughly enjoyed how the women got revenge and began changing the world. Why should magazines not be covered with naked or half naked men? Who cares that they're uncomfortable with it? They've been doing it to us for decades. I found myself cackling with glee. "How you like it!!??" I kept laughing.

And even better, this novel had humor, I laughed my butt off when Plum gets a wax. Some of the things her friends said also got chuckles.

The two story lines...didn't really tie together well. And yet, you can't have one without the other. Without Jennifer's doings, you may not really see where Plum is going wrong in her thinking.

I consider this a must read. Every woman should read it and pass it on to her daughter. I wouldn't even care that there are some F-bombs in it. (Moms, whether you like it or not, your daughter is going to be exposed to foul language one day.) It's there for a reason. This should be required literature.

I received this via Amazon Vine. Quotes may be somewhat different in the final version.

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