Thursday, April 30, 2015

Eighteen Acres (Charlotte Kramer #1) by Nicolle Wallace

Eighteen AcresThis is going to be a short review. While I enjoyed the book for the most part, it didn't really impact me much, neither in a good way nor a bad.

In this novel, we me Charlotte Kramer, the first woman president of the U.S. This series caught my eye on Edelweiss where book three was posted. I picked this up so I would understand what was going on in book three and because it interested me.

It felt strange to me, this novel, like it was a sequel. But this is book one. I liked what there was of Charlotte, but the book didn't really get that "into" her. She's like a ship passing through in the night. I think I would have preferred a story about her, what made her strive for the presidency, what being the first woman running was like, the difficulties it made within her family, her goals for her term...but no, we're just thrown into the middle of her 8 years.

Instead the story focused on Melanie, her adviser, a successful woman getting a bit burned out. And this awful reporter named Dale who only seems to want the president's husband when he's her husband. And you could say Dale gets rewarded for diddling the president's husband and this made the book even stranger.

There was a brief scandal around a helicopter crash. There's a new campaign...and a new character is introduced that seems fiery and interesting, much more so than stoic, robotic Charlotte. And her name is Tara! What a great name!

And despite the fact I lost interest in this by the ending, I was going to read book three because of this interesting VP named Tara..only to discover she didn't make into book three because of stuff that happened in book two. So I'm just not going to bother. I'm afraid Dale and Melanie don't interest me that much and Charlotte seems to get the backburner despite her role.

I acquired this via Paperback Swap.

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