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Bad Boy Blake by Lorraine Nelson, Review, Interview, & Giveaway

Today I'm featuring Lorraine Nelson's latest release, Bad Boy Blake. I had the honor of receiving a pre review copy of this title in exchange for my honest review.

Bad Boy BlakeIn the beginning I truly felt this was Lorraine's best book yet. The heroine is one tough cookie. She comes to town and opens a dance school, intent on discovering who framed her grandfather for a crime and ran him out of town years before.

Threats, vandalism, cars coming at her, and the death of one of her students isn't even enough to make this gal shut down shop and give up.

There's a mystery and a family scandal at the heart that I really couldn't figure out til it slapped me in the face. That was a nice, unique tough from Ms. Nelson.

The sex is hot and often...with the local sheriff who runs both hot and cold at times because it just so happens she suspects his very own family for her family's downfall.

Extremely well-written and with a few chuckles. I think what really made me smile though was the heroine's enjoyment of teaching her dance class.

My quibbles: There's a twist in their relationship that bothered me and though the ending fixed it, it bothered me how casual the hero and heroine were about it. And I honestly didn't know whether or not to be amused or shake my head when Gina jumps the sheriff's bones right after her attempted kidnapping. Thought it a strange action and a doubly strange time for that. LOL. But to each her own. :)

Four bikes.


Blake Bennett is the town bad boy turned Sheriff, elected to keep the peace. When Blake first meets Gina, she's butting heads with the Mayor…over the type of dancing she teaches—pole dancing.

Gina West is a professional dancer, who retired from the stage, and moves to Westonville, NB, to start her own dance studio. But Gina is not who she claims to be, and when strange things start happening…vengeful threats and vandalism…Blake begins digging for the truth. In his role as protector, he begins to fall for Gina, but will her lies and subterfuge destroy any chance for them to be together?


What made you put the local sheriff on a vintage Harley? Got a biker in the family?

My brother loves bikes and so does my cousin. Her significant other rides a Harley. Nice bike!

What movie star would you cast in the following roles:

Blake: Pierce Brosnan or Colin Farrell
Gina: Kristen Stewart
Roger: Jack Nicholson
Cynthia: Drew Barrymore

Pretend you, Lorraine Nelson, are in Gina's position. You are butt-naked, and some man just tried to abduct you from your bed, even put a hand on your ass. What would Lorraine Nelson do?

a. scream and cry
b. have sex with the sheriff as soon as he shows up
c. kick the perp in the nads and then throw a shoe at his retreating back?

Have you ever been a dancer? Done some dirty dancing?

I’ve done my share, but not professionally. J

Part of this story is based on a family dispute and secrets are coming out of closets. Ever been involved in a dispute between families? Saw some surprising things falling out of closets? How did you handle it. Was it resolved?

Every family has secrets and disputes of one kind or another. I think the important thing to remember is to remain objective. I’ve lived my life my way, made my choices, some good, some not so good, but it’s important to be mature. Forgive, forget, and let it go. Nobody’s perfect.

Multiple choice. Like Gina, you don't know who your father is. Upon meeting a man that admits he's not only your father, but provides proof, you:

a. cry and offer him a hug
b. demand answers and then give him a hug
c. ask him where the hell he's been all this time and slap his face

Gina and her dancing is super fun. She loves her job and it radiates off her in the book. She enjoys hip hopping with the teenagers. She dresses up for the ballroom dancing, helps a young news reporter come out of her shell on the poles.

What kind of dancing do you think you would enjoy the most?

I totally adored Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing. If I could match those moves, wow!

Multiple choice, another Gina situation:
Someone kills one of your students. You:

a. shut down the studio and get outta Dodge.
b. cry and pull your hair out before collapsing in Blake's arms
c. head to the nearest gun shop, buy a shot gun, and take up position

What's next for you? Is there a current project you'd like to share?

I currently have several books on the go…A Christmas short that I intend to self-publish, Thunder Creek Ranch Book 5 (way overdue), 4 projects aimed toward Harlequin, a full to edit and sub to Evernight, and The Hudson Ranch Trilogy, which I hope to release the first book in March, 2013.

Lots of women like those TV shows, like Dancing With the Stars. Did you watch anything like that?

Yes, on occasion. I’m not committed to them or anything. Most of the time I’d rather read…or write.

Bad Boy Blake is vailable at Evernight Publishing, All Romance eBooks, Bookstrand , Amazon, and wherever ebooks are sold.

SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM LORRAINE NELSON: To celebrate my first year in publication, I’ll be giving away 3 ebook copies of Bad Boy Blake. Just leave a comment to get your name in the draw. I’d be interested to know which, if any, of my books you’ve read and what your thoughts are on them. If I’m a new to you author, let me know that as well. 9 stops, 9 chances to win! Winners will be announced November 10th.
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  1. Thank you for hosting me today, Tara. Excellent review! Post looks great! :)

  2. You are a new to me author but this book lokks amazing and a must read!

    1. Thank you, Miriam! It's one of my favorites. :)

  3. The winners of a free download of Bad Boy Blake are:
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    Congratulations! Thank you to all who participated and helped me celebrate my new release.