Friday, November 16, 2012

Empowering Girls Through Clothing

I first found out about this company on Yahoo a few weeks ago. I was immediately impressed by the story. To quote the Yahoo article...

"...instead of venting to his friends or vowing not to buy the shirt, the single dad decided to do something about it."

Let's backtrack. The dad is Kevin Wagstaff. The shirt that offended him into action said "I'm Too Pretty To Do My Homework So My Brother Has To Do It For Me." 

Now, me, I would have ranted, raved, FB'd my outrage, but never would I have thought of making my own T-shirt company to retaliate and make a difference. HUGE thumbs up to this guy who created a line of T-shirts that EMPOWER GIRLS, rather than puts them down or belittles them.

I immediately bought a shirt. You can buy yours too. Here's the site: (Also, 10 percent of every purchase this month goes to Hurricane Sandy victims.)

Keira is his daughter and the inspiration. Even if you don't want a shirt, just read the quotes and be inspired. The one I bought says Be Strong, Be Inspired, Be Present. I put it on right away and reminded myself to be strong, be inspired, be present the entire time I wore it. I even wore my shirt to vote.

I'm also impressed with a quote another Yahoo article led me to: "There's nothing wrong with being girly," Melissa Wardy (owner of Pigtail Pals, another empower girls clothing collection designer) says. "I'm not anti-pink. I'm not anti-princess. I'm anti-limitations." 

I just had to share.

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