Sunday, November 11, 2012

Random Reading

Welcome back to my weekly Random Reading! And it will be the last one if I don't get some comments! So I encourage you, readers, to let me know if you wish me to continue this feature.

Some people do Library Loot. Some people do Mailbox Monday. Me, I don't use the library. I have nothing against it; just hate having to read a book in a certain amount of time, and as for Mailbox Monday, I can't say most of my titles come in my mail. I buy them usually or get them via paperback swap.

And I find them the most random ways, these titles. But they all usually have one thing in common: STRONG, SEXY heroines!


Elsa by Simon Gandossi. Spotted on a blog I follow. It's about a young German Jewish girl who is also in love with a girl from her own gender so she's being ostracized for being Jewish and a lesbian, sorta. WWII concentration camps. Promises to be unique and evocative. Bought.

Manuscript for Murder (The Hartfield Mysteries)

Manuscript for Murder by Chautona Havig. A mystery. A woman gets an idea, writes a series of murder books, and then they really start happening. Spotted on the freebie list. How can I resist that idea?

Cassidy's War

Cassidy's War by Susan Macatee. Spotted in the funniest way. I was in a cover art contest. I lost. I didn't bother to reannounce the voting when the first voting poll went wrong. Asking people to vote twice? Not gonna happen. *sigh* Anyway, I was competing against this book. The cover got my eye. It's just after the Civil War, heroine wants to be a doctor. You had to be strong to strive for that back then. She gets involved with a Pinkerton agent.  Bought.


Windshift by Joyce Faulkner. Found this while doing an Amazon woman pilots search. Wasp. WWII. Woman pilot. 'Nuff said. Also checked out the FB page. TONS of cool stuff about history and WWII and women pilots there. LOVE. I bought this one.

The Devil's Daughter

The Devil's Daughter by Laura Drewry. Paranormal western romance. She's the devil's daughter, literally, and is trying to deliver him more souls so she can be free, but falls in love with a cowboy instead. Kindle freebie.

Inventing Love

Inventing Love by Killarney Sheffield. Freebie. Love the model. It's the same  model as on one of my covers. Anways, the heroine is a feisty inventor and the hero is a Pinkerton agent and there's a murder and all that. Couldn't resist. Downloaded.

Love in the Years of Lunacy

Love in the Years of Lunacy by Mandy Sayer. An interracial romance between a white female saxophonist *that is mega cool!* and an African American GI in 1942.  She also plays in an all girl band. This lady breaks convention in so many ways. Dying to get my hands on this. Is on my wishlist. Found while doing a random search on Amazon for historical women.

The Admiral (Under Fire #2)

The Admiral (Under Fire 2) by Rita Henuber. I read the first one and liked it very much, but due to it being with a different publisher, I didn't find out about this one until I saw it on the Sizzling Hot Books blog. I was surprised that it had "ducked under my radar." Woman pilot. Young man. Cougar romance. The jungle. Bad guys. It's on my Kindle now.

God Save the King

God Save the King by Laura Purcell. Facebook worked for this one. Saw it on a friend's Timeline and when I found out it was about George III (the MAD king of England) and his wife, Charlotte (the black queen), I promptly bought it. What does a woman do when left with a fighting country and 13 kids? Takes place in the English court, 1788.

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  1. Love the sounds of manuscript for Murder. Interesting! Thanks for sharing. :)