Thursday, November 15, 2012

Strong is Sexy Heroine of the Week: Caitlyn McCollum

Book: The Fire of Thieves
Author: Chacelyn Pierce
Heroine: Caitlyn McCollum

Thank you Tara for allowing me to be a part of Strong is Sexy. I'd like to introduce readers to the heroine from my debut book, The Fire of Thieves. Caitlyn McCollum is a woman that wants to make the right decisions, even among the wrong ones. Caitlyn is a trained thief, and she has stolen millions of dollars in artifacts all over the world with her ex, Jerrick. When things became rocky in their relationship, she started living an alternate life as Katie Summerly, an art dealer and average girlfriend to a guy named Ethan. It a life she's come to crave for herself, even if that choice means losing her first love, Jerrick.
Caitlyn is strong because she knows what she wants and she's resolute about her decision to cut all ties to her bad lifestyle away. That's a tough choice, given all the situations that come into play for making it. But she's strong for believing in herself to complete such a difficult task.
The sexy side of Caitlyn truly comes out when she's thieving, once her adrenaline gets pumping, she's in her element. Even if it's one she wants to leave. Her determination and surety causes her to be independent and cunning when on a heist. She doesn't necessarily need help and she does things her own way.

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Caitlyn McCollum and Katie Summerly have radically different lives. Caitlyn is a jet-setting thief, traveling the world with the handsome, uncompromising Jerrick. Katie curates art exhibits and just moved in with Ethan, her dependable new boyfriend. Katie and Caitlyn are two sides of the same woman, sharing a single heart with separate yearnings. Caitlyn lives for the adrenaline rush of her secret life, the passionate nights she shares with Jerrick, and her unyielding dedication to her first love. Katie wants a simple life with Ethan, free of Jerrick's manipulations and emotional distance. Her heart must choose or risk losing both men. Yet, as her last adventure unfolds, Caitlyn finds that love itself is the price of her final heist.

Scene from The Fire of Thieves
This was the first time she'd seen Jerrick so bent out of shape. Was he was concerned about her? Had he been worried she wouldn't make it out? Or was he fighting the need to join her heist and take over like he used to? The tense shoulders and stance screamed worry. She smirked and shook her head at her idiotic thoughts. Jerrick seldom fretted about anyone but himself. It was one of the things that had driven her away all those years ago.
"You ran a bit over your timeframe," he said dispassionately and took a sip of scotch. He turned to give her an irritated stare, no doubt for her sloppy time management. His pale gray eyes, which had spellbound so many others, tried to pierce an angry hole through her. She'd seen that glower so much over the years; it barely worked its magic on her. The statement bothered her, as Jerrick had a few guys that could've run the job just as she did, but the security of the place needed someone light to climb the walls. He'd called her, unexpectedly and out-of-the-blue, interrupting her life as usual.
He was about to continue his lecture  but Caitlyn sighed, cutting his next words off, mainly because she'd heard it all a time or two before. "I don't need your lectures tonight. I did this because you needed someone small to scale the wall. If you don't like how I do my jobs, don't ask me again… ever." She laid the satchel with the Egyptian brooch on the coffee table and sat on the designer sofa. His gaze drifted from her down to the velvety pouch. He smiled, obviously pleased, showing his perfect teeth. That smile tugged at her heart even from behind the wall she'd built around it. His smile always had affected her powerfully.
Against her mental warnings, she took everything about him in. Absorbing the now flawed form, wholly different from his typically well-maintained appearance. Still gorgeous, even disheveled, she made herself glance away from Jerrick as he moved closer to the coffee table.
He ran a hand through his dark brown hair, which she noticed had gathered more salt and pepper at the temples. She thought the look suited him, made him appear more reserved. But then, Jerrick had always looked stunning for a thirty-nine-year-old man. He had the muscular body of a young twenty-something. His lethal physique was diamond-cut, sharp from working out and eating healthily, and fatal to her good sense.

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