Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ruff Love by Deadra Krieger

Ruff Love: True Tales of RescueIf you only buy one book this year, make this one. It will make you laugh, cry, gasp in surprise, chuckle, and you just may learn something too, about animal rescue, about caring for a rescued pet, about ruff love.

First, I want to share this bit from the beginning of the book:

"The stories within this book are all true accounts. Each and every single tale within this book is the story of an animal adopted out during my time with Kat's Kennel and Rescue. The majority of the profits generated from this book will be donated to said rescue as a gesture of thanks for the inspiration I received while working there and as a way to help keep the home fires burning."

Now, a bit about the stories.

There's a horse, lots of cats, a turtle, and as can be expected, plenty of dogs. Each story made me feel a different emotion.

I cried over the German Shepard and the wheelchair. (I think that one is my favorite of all.)

I chuckled over the chocolate lab and the pilot.

I gasped at the cats and the snakes. (Sadly, not all these tales are happy, but that's life, and having pets is a very REAL thing and responsibility  I love how this author tells us the good and the bad. Animal abuse should not be swept under the rug.)

I felt the author's frustration over the man who said "come get them or they'll be in my swimming pool, learning to sink or swim." *not a direct quote*

I clapped with glee over the Shitzu with seizures. (No, I'm not being mean. You read it for yourself and you'll see why I ended up happy.)

I hooted about the cat that was "spent enough time being mistaken for a female."

Mint to Be....OMG. If there's one story that is both happy and sad, this one is it. I was not aware of the symptoms of bleach poisoning and this chapter not only made my heart ache, but educated me. Thankfully, I am not a bleach user.

Every single pet, every single story, happy or sad, really touched me in some way.

I'd also like to quote another food for thought from the book. This is especially important for those of you who have balked at having your pets spayed or neutered: It is cheaper to have your pet spayed than it is to let them have litters every year.

It's a short read with a huge wallop. Though I read it in an hour, the stories will stay with me for a lifetime. As I said before, if there's one book you buy this year...

Five bikes. And I'd like to end this with one last quote.

"A rescued animal who has been through a situation of abuse or neglect requires more than an animal who hasn't."

Have heart. Those of you living close enough to Illinois, considering contacting Kat's Kennel either to donate or check out their pets available for adoption.

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