Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Silent Weapon by Debra Webb

I wanted to like this got a deaf woman wanting to prove she doesn't need pampering and can still work an elite career. She works with files/cold cases and after she apprehends a bad guy on her vacation, just from  using tricks and knowledge, she's offered a task and a chance to prove herself: pose as a deaf maid in a leading mob boss's household.

Silent Weapon (Silent Series, #1) (Silhouette Bombshell, #33)She ends up with two men attracted to her, a little girl stealing her heart, and semi sex on the laundry room floor.

But a couple of things bothered me.

This book was published in 2005, and I being a deaf woman myself, would like to know how the heroine came across this magical, fabulous cell phone she uses. Was I just not rich enough? Are they super expensive and only available to the elite? Because in those days, I had to call a relay operator and say "go ahead" after I spoke to let the operator know to switch plugs or whatever, then the operator would type what the other person said onto a screen. But a phone that just has some kind of built in operator? No...

Second of all, I didn't appreciate this:

"It wasn't possible that two men would be attracted to me. I was handicapped, for Christ's sake. What did I have to offer anyone?"

Feelings like that are normal in high school, not at 28. I was taken aback by this attitude and though we do at times struggle with self confidence, twenty-eight  years old should know better and for some reason, this was a slap in the face to me. I tried to chalk up to the heroine only being deaf one year, but it bothered me.

Between all this and the just...over predictability and the endless fluctuating of the heroine over "good guy or bad guy? I don't know" and the sexual awareness I didn't really feel as well as constantly being reminded it'd been over two years... I had lots of trouble with this book.

I think the mystery was okay and there were enough intense moments to keep me intrigued and I give the author thumbs up for attempting this so three bikes.

I bought this book on Kindle.

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