Friday, February 13, 2015

Bridge To Destiny by April Marie Libs

What a book.... This story will touch you from the inside and leave you feeling emotional in all sorts of ways. I must admit, when I first started the book, I had to put it down. Not because it was bad, but when I'm faced to think about death, it sends me into a panic attack. For me, I struggle not knowing what comes next. Just the idea that one day I won't be alive frightens me. I set this story aside for a little and read a few other books, but I knew I would come back to the story--don't get me wrong. Once I was ready to continue the story, I didn't turn back.

The heroine Avery goes through so much in her life. More heartache than one woman should go through. And when love did come knocking on her door again, I couldn't blame her for rejecting it. To lose a husband and go through almost losing her daughter months later, I'm not sure I could ever let someone in again myself. When Avery does let Nick in and finds she is attracted to him, then she has to deal with guilt--as though she is cheating on her deceased husband.

If you're looking for a sappy, light romance, you're not gonna get that here. Instead you're going to read a story that's going to get you thinking. How would you handle the cards that were given to Avery? This story will make you think. This story will probably even make you cry. But this story is one worth reading and having as a keeper on your bookshelf to share with friends.

The writing was good. The story flowed well. At times, I felt a few scenes dragged, but it might have just been my comfort zone. We spend a lot of time with her daughter Hannah as she's in the hospital. The auther makes this real, and as the reader I felt like I was going through it all with Hannah and Avery--which may be why I wanted to see Hannah go home so bad. I wanted out of the hospital myself. lol

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About The Book:

Avery Lawson’s life, once so perfect, spins out of control, not once, but twice in twelve months. Not only does she lose the only man she has ever loved, fate threatens to take her next greatest treasure, her four-year-old daughter, Hannah.

BRIDGE TO DESTINY is a heartwarming story that chronicles the struggles a single mom has to endure with her tenacious, headstrong daughter who is fighting to regain all of her motor skills from a head injury. During her daughter’s recovery, Avery stumbles into an unforeseen relationship with her neurologist, Nathan Banst, first professionally, and then personally, when she sends him an inappropriate text message after a night out drinking. Although mortified, this pushes Avery into a more personal relationship with Nathan, but is it too soon after her husband's death?

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