Thursday, February 19, 2015

Union Jack Plastic Canvas Clutch

I've always loved plastic canvas. It's easier to see than cross stitch--which I also do.

I was pretty excited to discover recently that they have clutch forms now. You simply put your design on it, stitch it, and then sew it up. I add self adhesive felt to the inside to make a nice lining and then added a beaded handle. Me, I'm a clutch-type of gal. I don't carry big purses, so I plan to make a few of these to match my vintage dresses.

Yea, this has nothing to do with books, movies, or strong women, I know. But it's my blog...LOL And I've shared crafts on here before and OH, many of you are Downton Abbey/Call the Midwife/Selfridge/Grantchester fans, so I think you'll appreciate this particular design.

Show your love of British TV. :)

First of all, the supplies:

The design I got free here. It's actually modified from Jenny Henry's Union Jack pillow. I had to change the flag a bit to make it look good on the rectangle form. It's not perfect. But the blue and red designs stayed the same. I simply had to "play" with it a bit to figure out where to put them, based on how the clutch would look once sewed and closed. Unfortunately I came out with crosses when closed--not what I intended but oh well. It still looks nice, I think.

The yarn, plastic canvas clutch plastic, clasp, elastic cord, self adhesive felt, and red beads were all purchased at Joann's. The Union Jack sparkly beads were bought on Etsy. The glow-in-the-dark thread is from Jenny Henry's Etsy shop. It was a free gift when I purchased some of her lovely Downton Abbey-inspired needlepoint pendants. She informs me she acquired it from Kreinik.

Basically what I did: I used a sharpie to make little dots on the canvas, put the red and blue where I wanted it. Stitched it all. It's a simple stitch on lower second hole to upper first hole. Google it. Just before finishing, while the sides were still awaiting stitches, I threaded my beads onto the elastic cord. This was tricky. I had to tie some thread to the cord and use a small needle to transfer the beads from the needle to the thread to the cord. Once I figured out this method, it was a breeze.

I then tied (knotted) the ends of cord to the top of one of the sides and made my red yard stitches cover the loose ends. Now I have a glitterly handle that stretches over my hand onto my wrist.

And did I mention that I have glow-in-the-dark thread around the the white stripes of the Union Jack? I tried to get a photo of it glowing in the dark, but I failed. Trust me though; it's there and it looks great in the dark.

Once I finished sewing the pattern, it looked like this:

I then trimmed some red adhesive felt the size of the clutch (a bit smaller, actually as once it begins to fold with the purse, it starts to hang over the edges. More trimming may be necessary as you stitch.)

I occasionally sewed through the felt as I stitched the clutch up the sides.

Those bare spots? You can cover them later, but as the for that large area, I left it feltless on purpose because the clasp bottom needs to poke through there and so I cut that piece off the big piece to add AFTER it's sewn up and the clasp is poked through, to avoid sharp edges inside the purse.

And the finished product came out looking...

What do you think?


  1. This looks great! I love cross stitch, but my eyes have gotten bad so it's more difficult these days. I'm going to trybthiscplastic canvas.

  2. That's super cute! Plastic canvas can be so very satisfying!

  3. How can I make the other side of this html5 canvas diamond?
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  4. I just love your bag. I do have a question. I can find the small purse form in our local craft stores but what I am looking for is the extra large forms I have only been able to find this from company's over seas and it would cost a fortune to purchase if they even ship to the US. Would you know where in the US that I can purchase them.