Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Theory of Everything Shows the Evolution of Love

When I first contemplated watching this movie, I thought to myself, "But how can it be a romance when we already know they get divorced later in life?"

But I was intrigued...and I watched it...and I must say despite the fact that Jane and Stephen get divorced later, that this is a story about love. There are many different kinds of love and you can love someone one way and later find you love them another way. You don't stop loving them; your love just changes. I think this movie should have been called The Evolution of Love. I do.

The movie starts in 1962(3?) Cambridge and we meet a young student Stephen who is working on his PhD and Jane who is majoring in some kind of poetry. I saw something special in Jane right away. This is a girl/woman is one tough cookie. The girl Jane does not take no for an answer. When she finds out her boyfriend has only two years to live, when Stephen's own family warns her she should walk away now, she sticks to her guns. She's going to marry the man she loves and enjoy what times she has with him.

Woman Jane is amazing. She has to juggle small children as well as an invalid Stephen, so it's like having a grown kid on top of the little kids. I don't mean this in an insulting way, but she has to dress him and feed him and all that, and it's obvious she has her hands full and for many years her husband refused to hire outside help.

And you can tell at times that she's unhappy but she's hanging in there. And she's faced with some difficult choices. And she never breaks down.

She does not walk away until Stephen basically tells her to. And then finally she's permitted to find her own happiness.

And yet she still loved him; her love just evolved into a different type.

There are parts of the movie dedicated to Stephen's theories. I didn't understand much of it. It confused me, to be honest. If you are proving your theory from a few years ago wrong now...what makes this theory right? And why are theories so applauded when they're constantly proved wrong? It's all very confusing to me. Thankfully the movie didn't expand on that stuff too much. I may have blown a brain fuse.

But I really enjoyed this movie, the settings, the acting...omg, the acting was something. I applaud them all, especially the actor who played Stephen. And I walk away from the sofa now with a new thought planted in my long as there is life, there is hope.

I bought this movie expecting a romance or a dramatic biography about the famous physicist, but I think Jane's strength stole the show.


  1. I appreciate your review, it's what I thought the movie would be like, so now I want to see it even more. What you said about the evolution of love I read somewhere else lately, not in those words, but the idea that once you love someone you always will, even if you aren't IN love.

    1. It's worth the time. I plan to watch this one again in the future.