Friday, October 12, 2012

Bentley Gal by Amy Ruttan

Bentley GalI absolutely loved this book in the beginning. You have a young woman in the...twenties, I think, dressing up as a man and racing a Bentley around a track. She plans to make the Le Mans team. Her brother in law and sister protect her identity and help her.

Her rival is a handsome American. (She's British) They begin an illicit affair... See, she's engaged and has been leading around a man for two years. The man, her fiance is funding the American's part in the race. I begin to dislike her here though she does do the right thing in the end. I mean, really, leading a man on for two  years just because he was friend's with your dead brother?

And hello? I know women in the 1920s knew how babies were made. No worries on that end?

I went back forth from liking this book and heroine to not liking. I loved her when she jumped on an Indian motorcycle and raced to the station. I loved her wisecracks. I loved her hiding under the car with grease all over her face.

I wish there was more racing. There were only two races, one in the beginning, one in the end.

I was set to give this a four, but the ending just left a bad taste in my mouth. I loathe the ending. It's an ending that says: Once women get married, their dreams are no longer important. Only the man is.

Three bikes. I bought this on Amazon Kindle.

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