Sunday, October 21, 2012

Random Reading

Welcome to Random Reading!!!

For those just joining us...

Some people do Library Loot. Some people do Mailbox Monday. Me, I don't use the library. I have nothing against it; just hate having to read a book in a certain amount of time, and as for Mailbox Monday, I can't say most of my titles come in my mail. I buy them usually or get them via paperback swap.

And I find them the most random ways, these titles. But they all usually have one thing in common: STRONG, SEXY heroines!

Under A Klondike Sky

Under a Klondike Sky by Ava C. Wilson. I confess I was checking my own Amazon ranking when my historical was a freebie and came across this on the freebie list. The cover caught my eye, the title intrigued me further. It promises a present day and past story, the present day heroine being a bookseller *yes!* and the past being a woman new to the frontier in 1898 with three potential suitors. Can't say I love love triangles, but the townsfolk the blurb mentions makes it sound mighty interesting. It's on my Kindle. Plus, if the heroine can survive being snowed That's strong.

It's Nothing Personal by Kate O'Reilley, M.D. There is no cover for this...but it's about a woman anesthesiologist facing a nasty malpractice suit. From what I garnered from the author's website, it's based on a terrible experience in her own life. Coming December 2012. I have Twitter to thank for this one again. Somehow she found me, followed me, and I took a look at her profile and was immediately intrigued.

Love on Laird Avenue

Love on Laird Avenue by Cindy A. Christiansen. I've always been drawn by cute doggies on covers, but what really caught my eye about this book was something the author said in a Facebook group about there being a back story that takes place during Prohibition. I'm on 1920s kick. I find myself constantly drawn back to that era. Combine it with a cute dog, and I'm sold! On my Kindle.

Captain's Discretion

Captain's Discretion by Telma Cortez. The blurb doesn't tell me much, but the author's hints of Facebook imply this is a tough female captain who takes no shi--grief. :) Just released October 14th, and take a look at that cover. You think I can resist a book that promises a big...airplane? LOL On my Kindle. It came on my radar because I'm now following this author/flight attendant. Love reading her aerosexual series when I need a...pick up. *giggles*

Guardians of Stone (The Relic Seekers, #1)

Guardians of Stone by Anita Clenney. This just showed up in my mailbox. Normally, I don't like receiving books I didn't know about or ask for, but this actually sounds good. Heroine has a paranormal gift for finding historical objects. Enter a sexy billionaire and a bad guy and a bodyguard, hm.... I'll read it soon.

Yellowstone Redemption
Yellowstone Redemption (Yellowstone Romance 2) by Peggy L. Henderson. Freebie that caught my eye due to the cover and title. My mother grew up in Yellowstone and so having heard so much about it during my life, I have a Yellowstone radar. Turns out I've had book one on my Kindle for a while, just haven't read it. Really hate that cover...and am having a hard time getting myself to pick it up. BUT this was on the freebie list and is just the nudge I need. An athlete, romance, time travel... It's on my Kindle.

Lost in the Light

Lost in the Light by Mary Castillo. Came up while I was browsing Amazon. First of all, it's a well noted Latina author. Second, it features a woman DETECTIVE and a ghost while at the same time going back and forth between modern day barrios and Prohibition. Must read this. I promptly purchased it.

The Last Runaway

The Last Runaway by Tracy Chevalier. America, 1850, a Quaker woman discovers the Underground Railroad as well as two inspiring women. A historical saga about honor and doing what's right. Spotted on Edelweiss and promptly on my wishlist. Releases January 8th.

Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker

Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker by Jennifer Chiaverini. A novel about the famous first lady and her favorite dressmaker, a freed slave. Elizabeth Keckley won her freedom with her skill with a needle. The dressmaker and friend even fashioned a quilt in honor of the first lady, using scraps of her dresses. Promises to be intriguing. Spotted on Edelweiss and added to my wishlist. Releases in January also.

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