Monday, October 8, 2012

Touch Me And Tango by Alicia & Roy Street

Touch Me And Tango (Dance 'n' Luv Series #2)This is book two in a series and even though I didn't read the first one, I never missed a beat. There was no confusion at all.

The heroine is a ballroom dancer who at first is not very likable at all. I had a hard time with her character up till about 85% percent when she basically admitted she was a mean girl. For reasons I didn't quite understand, she spurned her lover in high school, said some mean things to him, treated his sister like dirt, and as an adult, goes partner to partner (literally) and is about to marry a man she doesn't love just for the money. BUT there's a valid reason for that too.

Tanya and Parker meet again when Tanya goes back to her hometown to help her mother. There's a lost treasure mystery, old feelings of resentment and love both, a moment of eating crow for Tanya. (She needs his sister. I like that this was kind of a moral. At least , in my eyes it was.) Things go from bad to worse when  Tanya's fiance shows up with his true colors in tow and a bad person from Parker's past pops in as well...and everyone wants old Uncle Harry's treasure.

Tanya earned some points when she became determined "to prove she wasn't just some rich and spoiled maneating princess." And I really enjoyed how she taught a wheelchair ballroom dancing class. I wish there was a book dedicated to Billy and Monique. This was just awesome! 

I went and found a YouTube video I was so interested:

Things don't look good there for Tanya and Parker and I started to doubt they'd have their HEA...
The writing style was good, but I had a hard time liking and connecting with Tanya and the story wasn't as funny as I expected. For some reason, I think given the Chick Lit appearance of this, I expected more humor than it had. I also would have like more back story about Harry and Stella. I felt there was more there.
I give it a three. It's a light and entertaining read that readers that like those dancing TV shows will probably really enjoy.

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