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Please Welcome Telma Cortez and Biz Jet JumpSeat

Biz Jet JumpSeat by Telma Cortez
Aerosexual series

Blurb: A blistering turnaround for Jana

After a risqué stunt gets her fired from her flight attendant job, Jana finds an even better position, as crew for Dominatrix Productions.

The next morning, Jana checked out early, ready for her first flight with Dominatrix Productions. Cynthia had sent her a text message letting her know that she could wear anything she wanted, but the more skin she showed the better. Jana was taken aback by the message, but relieved she no longer had to parade around in khakis and polo shirts. She chose a thin, flowing tank top. The sparkles along the dark red fabric perfectly matched the hem of her black skirt that stopped short a few inches above her knee and revealed the murals painted into the sides of Jana's legs. Starting at her feet, the depiction of a beautiful vine wove around her ankle and up her leg, blossoming into bursts of flowers on her thighs before disappearing beneath her clothing. Jana felt sexy and capable when she looked herself up and down in the mirror. She went down to the lobby for the complimentary breakfast as she waited for her ride.

Not too long after she finished breakfast, her cell phone rang and she could see a limo pulling in front of the hotel. It was Cynthia, letting her know they were outside. As she stepped through the hotel doors onto the street, Cynthia emerged from the limo. She wore a tight blue dress that hugged her curves in all the right places. Cynthia smiled at Jana as she approached, nodding in approval at her appearance. During the short drive, Cynthia ran through what Jana could expect on the job. It was typical work as Cynthia explained.
She would mostly be responsible for beverages and food. Cynthia smiled. "The plane is stocked with small amounts of almost anything imaginable, so satiating the needs of executives shouldn't be too far out of your capability." There was a hint too, of something in Cynthia's voice that Jana couldn't quite put a finger on. It was something that Cynthia hoped Jana would understand without needing it spelled out for her. But, Jana wasn't scared. She was eager to experience something different, and confidant that she could handle whatever they threw at her.

They arrived at the airport and went through security. Cynthia already had an employee badge made up for Jana, and they got through pretty quickly. They turned from the main terminal and exited the building down a flight of stairs. The jet was parked on the tarmac, not too far away. Cynthia ushered Jana on board and she felt an odd sense of pride when she looked up towards the terminal windows of the airport, wondering how many pairs of eyes were on her at that moment.

She stopped in her tracks when she saw the aircraft cabin. There was a table situated in front of a curved couch, six full-length lounge chairs with fold over desks, and an amazing amount of open space in place of rows and rows of cramped seating. The décor was a modern mutation of seventies hues and angles. In the back of the plane in one of the plush lounge chairs sat Jana's new boss. Over dinner he had introduced himself as Thomas, but said he preferred to be called by his middle name, Anton, instead. He waved to the women and motioned for them to come over. Jana wore a look of amazement as she walked down the aisle.
He reached into a cabinet built into the wall of the plane and pulled out a box with the company's insignia on it. Anton handed it to Jana with a smile and welcomed her on-board.

On the ride to the airport she learned the company was the front for an adult entertainment empire. Anton had started the company out of college and built it to expand over websites, social media clubs, movie production and distribution; along with a slew of other small niche ventures. Cynthia had joined with him early and earned a generous salary to be his personal assistant. As the company was continuing to rapidly grow, Cynthia was finding she might be better off working during the flights instead of playing the role of his personal flight attendant. Cynthia had said to Jana during the ride that she was being trained to take Cynthia's place with Anton in the skies. "And believe me," she said, "you'll be flying way up there in the skies… if you catch my wind." Jana had only smiled in return, but was beginning to get the hint.

She opened the box in her hands and all of her suspicions were confirmed. Against a tiny, beautiful, black satin pillow sat a sterling pair of diamond nipple clamps.

Jana looked down at them. She was shocked, but enticed. Instead of being nervous, Jana took the opportunity to make an impression and establish herself as part of her new crew. She looked Anton in the eye, feeling Cynthia drink in every moment. She took one of the nipple clamps from the box and attached it to her pinkie, admiring the glimmer of the diamonds in the light of the plane. "Is this the entire uniform, or can I add a few bracelets to the mix?"

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Write what you know, they say. Telma Cortez is an author and a flight attendant.  She’s unzipping the sex lives of those working in the theater in the sky. ‘The Aerosexual Series’ is currently short erotic novels based on the sexual experiences of the aviation world from pilots to flight attendants, passengers to buziness jet owners. It might be hard to imagine, but the airline business is small. Word gets around from crew room to aircraft galley, overnight bar and hotel crew rooms where only airline crew are allowed to socialize. This is where she gets all of her juicy gossip and full on descriptions of crew antics for her stories
If you’ve read and liked 50 shades of Grey then you’re bound to like  Telma and ‘The Aerosexual series’. The mile high club is for pilot cadets, Telma’s stories are stratospheric…

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