Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Review and Interview: Love Kinection by Jennifer James

Love KinectionThis a cute novella featuring a heroine with the most sarcastic wit. I personally felt the sarcasm was the best part and it made me laugh often.

Abby is a woman who has been hurt...and I mean in a bad way. Her fiance ran away with the last person he should have ran away with...and on her wedding day...which happens to be Valentine's Day. Naturally, she doesn't care for Valentine's Day now and when the "big" day comes around and she gets a real unhappy text message, Tom comes to the rescue.

Everything happens for a reason...If her fiance hadn't left, if she hadn't got that text...

Anyway, Tom has apparently had his eye on her for a long time. A broken cell phone becomes a date with takeout food and Xbox and who's the bigger geek contests and eventually, sex.

But can Abby turn away from her past. Is Abby ready to move on again?

I absolutely LOVED what Abby ends up doing. Didn't see that coming and was mighty pleased at her spunk.

My one quibble: way too much flirting, beating around the bush, cutesy stuff at times. However, I'm sort of a "let's get to the point" kind of person. LOL

Very cute and well-written and funny. Four bikes. I received this through Sizzling PR.


And please give a warm welcome to Jennifer James!

Book Babe: The heroine, Abby, has lots of fun, sarcastic thoughts. One was... "True love, roses, romantic comedies, Cinderella (well, pretty much all the Disney princesses to be truthful_...garbage."

That made me laugh. There's actually quite a few women who can't stand those princesses or the image they give little girls. What are your thoughts on that? Is there a Disney princess you can't stand? Love?

Jennifer: Thanks for having me on your site today Tara!

Ahh, the princesses. If you take them as strictly entertainment for kids that won’t stick with them, they’re fine. But when you start to worry and wonder about the things Disney might be teaching your kid (especially since the original stories those movies were taken from have their own brand of menace and terror) you can get pretty darned concerned. Tiny Diva #1 (my daughter who is now 6) told me a few years ago she needed us to buy and move into a castle so that she could marry a prince. Because without her castle, how would he find her? My response was that she should never wait around for the prince, and she should get her own castle. Be independent. Self-sufficient. My little girl went into a whole explanation that centered on the princesses and how their lives worked out as her reasoning for us needing a castle RIGHT NOW.

It’s funny, but it’s not.

In particular I don’t like Ariel. She’s only 15 and running away from home to get married to a stranger she’d never even spoken to. Creeptastic, that. The music is fun, the animation beautiful, but that’s a story when boiled down I just don’t like.

However, I have to say that I LOVE Tiana. Love her. Not only does she have the gumption to make her own way in a world that sees her as a second or even third class citizen (she’s a woman, and she’s African American in the deep south long before the Civil Rights movement) but by the end of the movie she and her prince have formed a partnership based on mutual affection and respect. That’s a princess I can get behind.

 Book Babe"Ben, Jerry, and Riesling. Yes, we're gonna have a crazy orgy."
What's your favorite ice cream? Favorite wine?

Jennifer: I’m lactose intolerant. No, really. So, for me to eat ice cream, I have to really be committed to Lactaid and have a serious jonesing on for the stuff. But I love mint chocolate chip, Ben & Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookie, vanilla with Reese’s Cups or Reese’s Pieces (or both) in a Blizzard, rainbow sherbet, butter pecan…..heck, put it in front of me with the medicine and it’s on.

Wine I have no ability to buy or order for myself. I enjoy a nice blush wine with dinner once in awhile, but I’m a total light weight. Instantly tipsy on wine.

Book Babe: "Was I doomed to spend every Valentine's Day engaged in situations I wanted to die from?"
What has been your worst Valentine day ever?

Jennifer: Hmm…I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve ever had one. My husband and I don’t really celebrate it. Here in Northeast Ohio we have a holiday in October called Sweetest Day. (This seems to be a Midwest holiday only, my friends in Colorado had never heard of it before I mentioned it to them.) Anyway, it’s sort of Valentine’s Day in October. Stuffed animals, chocolates, the works. We usually give each other a cd or something for that. Valentine’s Day passes without much fanfare in our house. Our way of rebelling against Hallmark.

Book Babe: Abby's towel falls and her "date" sees her stark naked way before she wants him to... Ever had anyone you didn't want seeing you naked see you naked?

Jennifer: Yep. My skeezy neighbor.

The first place hubs and I lived together was this tiny one bedroom place. I had my big triple dresser with giganto mirror on the wall opposite the only window in the room. A privacy fence surrounded the property, so naïve twenty year old me though no one could see in.


I got out of the shower, dropped my towel and was in front of the mirror brushing my hair. Movement in the mirror caught my eye and when I focused on it I realized the fifty-something year old guy who lived behind us was standing on a chair on his back deck, looking at my reflection in the mirror over the fence. When he realized I’d caught him (because I waved—I mean, what else to do? The jig was up, too late to cover my girly bits at that point) he damn near fell down trying to get out of sight.

What a creeper.

Book Babe: *struggling not to laugh from that story* Have you ever had an Xbox date?

Jennifer: No, and I feel so sad about it. Lightning struck our house a few years ago and fried half the electronics in our house. I had an old PS2 I loved to play the Final Fantasy games on.

We haven’t gotten around to getting a new system and that’s probably a good thing. I can spend days and days playing video games. I love them.

I have gotten to play Kinect games with my friends, and I think it’s a blast. Sort of embarrassing when it takes your picture, but so much fun.

Book Babe: Are you a "geek" like the heroine and hero claim to be?

Jennifer: I am not the geek you are looking for….

Yeah, I’m geeky. In my own nerdtastic way. I love to discover new slang, bad sci-fi movies, devour Urban Fantasy, (Lois McMaster Bujold and Anne McCaffery are my heroes! Those ladies were my gateway drug during my teen years.) am addicted to Supernatural, Buffy, Angel, Dr. Who…I collect posters and trinkets and crap like that. I quote movies now and then and used to spend way too much money at the comic book store on Wednesdays. (That didn’t last long though, cause CRAP I would have gone broke. I have it in my head that someday I will write a graphic novel though.)

So yeah, you can definitely see some of me in Tom and Abby.

Book Babe: Really enjoyed having you, Jennifer. Come back again sometime.


  1. Hey Tara! Thanks for having me on and the review. :) Your questions were super fun and a welcome break from the run of the mill ones.

    And would you believe that creeptastic neighbor guy was only the 1st neighbor I caught peeking? I'm not even that good looking! OY! Don't get it. At all.

    Anyway, I would love to come back sometime. This was really fun.

  2. My pleasure, Jennifer. Thank you for letting me read your book. I'd love to have you back. And you got a lot page views, just no comments. But you had a busy day!

  3. Yay! Thanks babe! I'm about to go on tour for my short story in Etopia's Halloween Antho---I'm in the contemporary menage section....

    But I have a male POV erotica book out and a new release slated for December 7. :)

    You're welcome to come visit my blog as well, you know. Come on over sometime. I like to have other authors and bloggers on.

  4. LOL love the interview, and I totally thought the same thing about Ariel the last time I watched The Little Mermaid...just sayin'. :P