Sunday, October 28, 2012

Random Reading

Welcome to Random Reading!!!

For those just joining us...

Some people do Library Loot. Some people do Mailbox Monday. Me, I don't use the library. I have nothing against it; just hate having to read a book in a certain amount of time, and as for Mailbox Monday, I can't say most of my titles come in my mail. I buy them usually or get them via paperback swap.

And I find them the most random ways, these titles. But they all usually have one thing in common: STRONG, SEXY heroines!

The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap

The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap by Paulette Mahurin. A Kindle freebie that came to my attention via a friend's FB feed. The words Brokeback Mountain for women caught my eye and attention. It's a historical novel about persecution of lesbians in 1895. Have times really changed? Doubt it. I'm intrigued and promptly downloaded this on my Kindle.

Klondike Winter

Klondike Winter by Jackie M. Smith. I've got her Forever Yours on my Kindle and when the author posted her YouTube videos in the Secret Cravings Reader group on FB, I watched them. The premise of this sounds so good, I couldn't resist and promptly bought this one too. A woman follows her brother to the Klondike on a quest for gold...  I love those.

The Spanish Pearl

The Spanish Pearl by Catherine Friend. Landed in my mailbox via Paperback Swap. Time travel, a woman fleeing harems and getting involved in the war between the Moors and Spanish. Promises some swashbuckling too. It just screams strong n sexy!

Lone Star Joy (Book Two Lasso Springs Series)

Lone Star Joy by Kathleen Ball. I was so impressed with the author's post and excerpt on Strong is Sexy Heroine of the Week, I bought this one. I love the idea of a woman surviving jail, entering a male dominated work program, and showing her scars are sexy. It promises to be a good, emotional read.


Oleanna by Julie K. Rose. Twitter strikes again! Unusual Historicals tweeted a post by the author about women's suffrage in Norway. Naturally I zoomed on that like a radar. So I was on the author site and though it seems the gist of the book is about farming, women making it on their own, loss in 1905, there promises to be some suffrage as one of the heroines goes to Labor Party meetings. Got my interest piqued and this is on my wishlist.

The Movement of Stars: A Novel

The Movement of Stars by by Amy Brill. A lady astronomist, a whaler. Two people in a Quaker community with ambitions "above their stations." Hints at a forbidden love story and is based on Maria Mitchell. On my wishlist. I believe this releases April 2013.

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