Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm in PRINT!

I've been writing ebooks for over a year now, and many people, family included, have said to me, "I'm just not ready for an ereader," "Is this going to be in print?," "I don't want to read on the computer."

I listened, and I understood, and now I'm pleased to announce a print book is available with five different Tara titles in it.

The blurb speaks for itself. The book can be bought on Amazon and Create Space.

Strong is Sexy: An AnthologyTo all my followers, friends, family, and fans that have encouraged me to do this: Thank you. 

In Strong is Sexy, it’s exactly that. Strong is sexy. No simpering damsels here, not in the end anyway. Travel back to 1820s Los Angeles and swordfight with Catalina and her dashing Ricardo. Ricardo believes his wife is having an affair with a masked crusader. What will he do when he finds out his wife is the Maiden Behind the Mask? The right to vote for women was not easily won. Elizabeth and Margaret fight for that right in Votes for Vixens. There’s a riot not only on the streets of New York City, 1919, but in their hearts as well. U.S.A.F. fighter pilot, Captain Janet Kerrigan, is in for a huge surprise when she takes to the Iraqi skies on Christmas day. Can she save Christmas? Or will Operation: Enduring Santa cost her her career? Author, Tara Chevrestt shares her own story of strength. Hear Through My Ears is a tale straight from the heart that takes you on a journey of hearing impairment and the struggles that go with having a disability. If she overcame them, you can too. And last, but not least, a bonus story is included, a story inspired by three humorous little dogs—all female. And though, one could argue and say, “Dogs aren’t sexy,” the author’s Pekingese begs to differ. Join Lola, Pudgy, and Jazzy in three humorous canine capers, Dog Tails.

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