Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Credo's Legacy by Alison Naomi Holt

Credo's LegacyI read the first book, Credo's Hope I think a year ago...and was very impressed. So when book two was offered to me, I jumped at the chance. It doesn't disappoint.

Alex Wolfe, detective is back...and NOT staying out of trouble, thought it's not her fault. Really. LOL

Again, it's suspenseful, full of cop protocol, and funny!

The suspense: Two cases going here. Two missing kids and a missing boyfriend with a handsome rodeo clown in the middle of it. Gia, the Italian Mafia Don is back and this time with a niece wanted for murder. Enter a molestation scandal, a dirty cop, and late night chases through seedy neighborhoods. And Alex is really toeing the line...how much does she report to Gia and how much does she withhold from her unit?

The cop protocol: This was a bit irritating TBH. Apparently, "lower" detectives have to let themselves be pushed around and egged without fighting back/sticking up for themselves. I grew real angry with this detective Carruthers for his constant nastiness and at Kate, Alex's boss, for letting it go on. I really hated these scenes...and also wondered what action was taken against Carruthers for the car...not saying more. Perhaps that's for book three.

The humor: Probably the best LOL moment was when Alex goes to daycare and traumatizes all the little kids. Or could it be that moment her boss keeps her from having an orgasm? (No, there's no sex in the book. Trust me, it's just a funny part.)

And I love that this author always puts morals in there somewhere. "Tough is the ability to stand up for yourself, to be who you are. Don't let them dictate who you become."

Four bikes. I recommend this to anyone looking for mystery, cop drama, humor, and entertainment.

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