Sunday, October 7, 2012

Random Reading

Welcome back to Random Reading! Let's see what I have for you this weekend... An author I've enjoyed in the past has a new book out from Carina... I found a chick like about girls racing in Australia...and scroll on down to find what all else went on my "to read" and better yet, how in the world I came across them! It's always something different!

For those just joining us...

Some people do Libary Loot. Some people do Mailbox Monday. Me, I don't use the library. I have nothing against it; just hate having to read a book in a certain amount of time, and as for Mailbox Monday, I can't say most of my titles come in my mail. I buy them usually or get them via paperback swap.

And I find them the most random ways, these titles. But they all usually have one thing in common: STRONG, SEXY heroines!

Saving the RiflemanFirst, Saving the Rifleman by Julie Rowe. I've read two books by this author before and thus, when I see her name, I tend to scoop them up. Discovered this one on netgalley, which I've started using again now that I'm caught up for the most part on reviews. This time, she wrote a historical romance, rather than a contemporary in an arctic setting. Great War, Germany, a traitor to the German cause aiding a wounded rifleman... That certainly screams FEARLESS, STRONG woman to me!

Girl Racers

Girl Racers by Janet Gover. We can thank Facebook connections for this find. An author I'm a HUGE fan of posted a link that led to this author's page, where I found this must read title... It takes place in Australia. Woman lawyer and tomboy (strong and sexy!!!) and another lady are racing  in a snowy mountains car rally. They're not just trying to win a race, either, but apparently the same man. Chick lit featuring strong women. Can't resist. It's not available in Kindle yet in the States so it's on my wishlist for now. 

Fever: A Novel

Fever by Mary B. Keane. I've read about typhoid Mary before, but never following her or her POV so this will be slightly different. It's about the Irish immigrant who could cook, but carried disease with her everywhere she went. After leaving a trail of disease in her wake, she became a hunted woman. Discovered this on Goodreads Historical Fiction of 2013 list and scored it on Netgalley. Plan to read it this month. 

Flame Of Resistance

Flame of Resistance by Tracy Groot. This was a Kindle freebie and I believe it caught my eye before, but I was and still am a wee weary as it is a Christian pub and I'm just not coo coo about preachy books. However, nothing in the blurb screams preachy so I'm going for it. Historical fiction, WWII, Germany, a whore that can possibly change history, a pilot... 'Nuff said. It's on my Kindle. 

Wild Viking Princess (The FitzRam Family Medieval Romance Series)
Wild Viking Princess by Anna Markland. How can I resist a title such as that? Blurb, though short, promises a very feisty heroine, but what really hooked me was the author's blog. First, I came across this book whilst browsing Amazon. Okay, not browsing, but posting reviews really late...You know when you go back and realize you reviewed them on the blog and Goodreads, but oops, forgot Amazon.. And this book was listed beneath another book. The title and cover grabbed my eye. I went to the author's site to get the cover art for Goodreads (Authors, post your darned books on Goodreads, please.) and found a blog post that promised a dog stole the show in this too. It's on my Kindle now. :)

Tabou: Patience (Book 1)

Tabou by Suzanne Stroh. Won on LibraryThing. Promises lesbian love, political intrigue, family drama, and more. So sounds like TWO strong, sexy women...though I think one of those folks on the cover is a dude... We'll see. :)

Touch Me And Tango (Dance 'n' Luv Series #2)

Touch Me And Tango by Alicia and Roy Street. Dancing. Tango. Romance, and according to one of the reviews, there's a hidden treasure/mystery. Not sure how strong a heroine I'm looking at here, but I was intrigued enough to accept this when it was offered for review by Sizzling PR. Reading it soon. But LOOK at that awesome cover. Makes me wanna get up and dance.


Repossessed by Sandy Parks. I bought this with a minute of seeing it on my twitter feed. TWITTER works! I loved Julie Moffett's books and have been waiting eagerly for her sister's book too. Why? Her sister is a pilot! And you all know how coo coo I am for women in aviation. I am so flippin excited about this one, I could scream. It's a former fighter pilot now repossessing aircraft. Parts also take place in Brazil. EXTRA BONUS: There's a woman mechanic! And there's a lot of exclamation points here! Planning to read this soon. :)

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