Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wish Me Luck: Discovering Old TV Shows

Let's talk strong is sexy...on TV. What are some TV shows that had strong and sexy heroines?

I recently discovered Netflix. I found a ton of movies and TV shows featuring strong women in all kinds of different situations.

One is a TV series called Wish Me Luck. England. The show ran from 1988 to 1990. It's about two different women from different situations, walks of life who end up together as spies in occupied France.

Come to find out, much of the first two episodes were based on the autobiography of real life agent, Nancy Wake.

Episode one shows us what led them to the agency in the first place, tells us their backgrounds, and shows us some of their training. The costumes and scenery (and motorcycles) are impeccable. The screen itself has that look that screams 80s, but I refer to the quality and color of the screen, not the show itself.

Meet Liz and Matty. Liz is married (hubby is gone) with a young daughter. Matty is half French/half English/half Jewish. Both have a background in France.

Really laughed at Liz when she said, "But I'm not a man."

Um, no, but you can do it anyway. :)

There are five more episodes in this season. Didn't care for Matty. Far too emotional and high strung and at times, dumb, actually wants an air raid just to liven things up a bit. Very selfish. To be honest, I began fast forwarding her parts. LOL She was always whining. It was because of her I didn't bother watching past episode two.

Lots of parent/daughter separation issues on Liz's part. Lots of cool stuff about what could get them arrested. Loose talk and all of that...

The training bits were fascinating. So despite my desire not to finish this series, I still wanted to bring it to your attention.

What are some shows such as this you may recommend?

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