Monday, July 7, 2014

For Each and Every Gripe, Try to Come Up with Something Right

I know that's a cheesy title, but it actually nicely sums up what I'm about to say. A recent shopping experience with my stepmother led me to think on this.

We went to a store in Kansas City called Re-Runs, where I scored myself some amazing true vintage clothes. I shan't bore you with the details. Long story short, there was a sales associate/store manager/I don't know what his official title is, and he was wonderful. Getting good sales assistance nowadays is hard. It's usually nonexistent. Sales people today tend to just follow you around and watch you from the corner of their eye, like you're going to shoplift or something. This is after a polite/fake-sounding "Can I help you find anything?" and after the frown when you reply, "I'm just looking right now, thanks."

This man didn't do that. He asked what he could help with, answered our questions in regards to what we were searching for, and sat back and let us shop. But when we had a question, he answered the best he could. He even had helpful suggestions about certain items; he took down clothes up high without any mega sighing or eye-rolling. He worked with me on prices. He gave his opinion when asked.

The man was simply fabulous. It's been a long time since I received such superb service and help while shopping. I thanked the man as I left, and later, I said to my stepmother, "I wish I knew his name. You know, people are quick to bitch and demand to see the manager when they aren't happy with something, but when they are happy, they do nothing. It's like it's simply their due."

My stepmom suggested I email the people or leave them a good review. I have.

But this little shopping trip and the subsequent food for thought has me attempting to turn a new leaf. From now on, every time I have a gripe (and I have a ton of them, so this will be quite a challenge!) I'm also going to come up with something good and RIGHT. When I'm unhappy with service, I'll say so, but when I'm happy with service, I need to let them know that too.

I think this is something we should all practice. I'm sure many of you already do. But everyone slips up every now and then and forgets to commend others. Perhaps we're in a rush, too many things on our mind, whatever. But let's make an effort.

The next time you get great service somewhere, anywhere, try to take the time to let that person and their superiors know how much you appreciate it.

And if you're in the Kansas City area in the future, be sure to check out Re-Runs. (I stole the picture from their website.)

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