Sunday, July 20, 2014

Women, We Need Our Own Money

Have you looked at your money lately? Like, closely? Yea, I know we live in the debit card age, but seriously, the last time you had cash in hand, did you take a good look at the bills? At the faces on them?

From Wiki. One of the Penman's fake bills.
It's got a queen on it. Hm.
It's what, Ben Franklin, George Washington, Grover, Abe...and take note, not ALL of them are presidents, but...

It's all men.

I never gave this a lot of thought until I watched an episode of Mysteries at the Museum the other day and learned about a counterfeiter name Emanuel Ninger, also know as Jim the Penman. Seems this guy was a true artist and painstakingly forged American bills with pen bond paper, by hand!!!!! One bill could take him weeks. He'd take the bond paper, soak it in coffee, and while it was wet, place it over the real bill and trace away, using camel hair and various other techniques to make it realistic.

A night in a bar (according to Mysteries, he was a wine drinker. Cheers!) was his undoing, when he placed a large counterfeit bill on the wet counter and the ink smeared.

Why am I going on about this though? I noticed whilst watching that many of the bills he forged had women on them. This was back after the American Civil War, late 1800s.

I said to myself, "Who are those women on that money?" And then I got a bit disgruntled and turned to my pug and complained, "Why don't we have any women on our money nowadays? You mean to tell me out of all the amazing women in history, there's not a single chick that deserves to have her mug on an American bill?"

Is there one? Perhaps it's a bill with so many zeroes that I've never had the pleasure or luck of having one in hand? LOL

I can't find one on Google.

Anyway, I'd love to see a woman on a bill. What woman should it be? What women in history would YOU choose to be on a bill? Susan B. Anthony? Alice Paul? A Civil War heroine?

Or, what the heck, how about this?


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  1. I never thought of this but that would be pretty cool. There are lots of ladies to chooses from.