Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Book Reviewer Falls Hard for Author She Bashed on Blog...in Secret Santo

Secret SantoMostly, Holly preferred to put a book aside rather than write a scathing review, but her alter ego wouldn't let it rest in CE Felix's case.

All of us book reviewers have had that moment...that moment when we realize we're reading a book simply not for us and a huge part of us doesn't want the drama of writing a scathing review, but an even bigger part of us is so outraged, irritated, or perturbed, we can't keep our thoughts to ourselves.

I love the story idea. Romance book reviewer and blogger writes a scathing review, goes to a Christmas party, meets a gorgeous author who will only reveal he writes under a pseudonym, and realizes the man she's lusting after is that author she just bashed on her blog. How to get around that? Talk about awkward. I also wanted to read this because the author interviewed me here on Book Babe when she was doing research for this.

I thought it would be predictable. Girls meets boy, lusts after him, has a dilemma (in this case the review/author thing), they get over it, live HEA. But while the HEA is there, the ending threw a twist at me I honestly didn't see coming. Big thumbs up for that!

The story goes a bit overboard with the Christmas stuff--names like Noelle, Merry, Holly, Santo, Rudy, but at the same time the stuff I thought a bit eye-rolling was counteracted with cute or funny bits like falling on a candy cane and just that whole bit with her boss. Her boss and her teeth/nose issue made me laugh out loud and I love a good laugh.

I didn't care for how often the heroine has to be saved. That's my biggest complaint. I hate damsels in distress. But overall, this was a cute read and got me in the holiday spirit--not an easy thing to do.

I received this via Netgalley and you can order it on Amazon.

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