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Winter Fire #Giveaway

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02_Winter Fire

When Ethan Caine pulled the unconscious woman from the half-frozen creek, he had no idea that his world was about to explode. Dressed in quilled doeskin of Iroquois design, she stirred up dark secrets from his past. At the same time, she was everything he desired. But she was more Indian than white, and on the run for murder. He needed to know the truth. He needed to find it within himself to trust her.

Banished by the Seneca Indians who adopted and raised her, ostracized by the whites in the settlement, Zara Grey wanted only to be accepted. “Ethancaine” treated her with kindness and concern. It was easy to trust him. But her Indian ways disturbed him, and in her heart she would always be Seneca.

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I am fascinated by stories of white women who had been adopted by a Native people when they were young and were now identified with that Native culture.  This shows that cultural identity is not genetically determined. The protagonist of Winter Fire, Zara Grey, had lived among the Seneca since she was six years old.   Mary Jemison is her historical equivalent.  She had lived among the Seneca since the age of twelve.  I have linked to the Wikipedia article dealing with her if you would like to learn more about Mary Jemison.

Characterization, suspenseful plotting and a feel of period authenticity carried me along through almost my entire reading journey.  The slow development of the romance between Zara and Ethan was very believable.  The barriers between them were completely understandable under the circumstances.  I really liked the emotional and dramatic intensity of their relationship.

 I did have trouble believing in the resolution of this novel.  It was way too fortuitous and seemed contrived.  Unfortunately,the author had created a situation where she had no alternative. There needed to be some sudden plot development to avoid what would have been a disaster. I might have enjoyed the fact that all the loose ends were tied, if it hadn’t seemed like the author was pulling HEA out of a hat like a magician.  I prefer a HEA that seems more like a natural progression that grows between the romance partners.  


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About the Author

03_Kathy Fischer-BrownAs a child Kathy wanted to be a writer when she grew up. She also wanted to act on the stage. After receiving an MFA in Acting from the Mason Gross School of the Arts and playing the part of starving young artist in New York, she taught theater classes at a small college in the Mid-West before returning home to the East Coast, where over the years, she and her husband raised two kids and an assortment of dogs. During stints in advertising, children’s media publishing, and education reform in the former Soviet Unions, she wrote whenever she could.

Her love of early American history has its roots in family vacations up and down the East Coast visiting old forts and battlefields and places such as Williamsburg, Mystic Sea Port, and Sturbridge Village. During this time, she daydreamed in high school history classes, imagining the everyday people behind all the dates and conflicts and how they lived.

Claiming her best ideas are born of dreams, Kathy has written a number of stories over the years. Her first published novel, Winter Fire, a 1998 Golden Heart finalist in historical romance, was reissued in 2010 by Books We Love, Ltd., which also released Lord Esterleigh’s Daughter, Courting the Devil, and The Partisan’s Wife.

When not writing, she enjoys reading, cooking, photography, playing “ball” with the dogs, and rooting on her favorite sports teams.

For more information visit Kathy Fischer-Brown's website. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.


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