Sunday, November 2, 2014

Woman Preparing for Work: A Poem

Because I sometimes dabble in poetry...and what woman at some point--quite possibly more than one point--hasn't felt this way?

Courtesy of akeeris, freedigitalphotos,net
There she sits, her jacket discarded, one shoe on the floor
Eyes closed, she reaches for courage to walk out the door
To leave what’s sometimes hell yet always home
To face the cruelties and stresses yet unknown
From eyelid to lips, her warpaint's applied
But it's the turmoil within from which she cannot hide
Are things any better on the other side?
She wonders and asks, "Am I ever truly happy, here or there?
Or am I merely resigned and no longer care?"
The clock ticks the hour; for pondering there's no more time
Panic spreads through her lungs like a flourishing vine
But with a shrugging of shoulders and a wearying sigh,
She slips on her jacket and lifts herself high
Be it outside or inside, a woman's work is never through
In matters of love, life, and family, there's so very much to do
As she grabs her keys and slips on her shoe,
She vows one day her dreams will come true
It won't be today; it won't be tomorrow
But one fine day joy will replace her sorrow.

1 comment:

  1. That is so true. I think a lot of women have felt this way at sometime or another. We all have days where we just want to be left alone or don't want to deal with others at all. Home is suppose to be a safe place and a good place to be. This will make you think of home and how it makes you feel.