Sunday, August 24, 2014

How To Marry a Millionaire: Craptastic Storyline, But Fabulous Fashions

Yes, yes, I actually watched this. *hangs head in shame* And yes, it's a story about three women who are fashion models and want nothing more in life than to find rich men to marry. That's it. They model clothes, sell furniture that isn't theirs to their rent, and try to find men, 'cause they are incapable of caring for themselves. A feminist's nightmare.

(In my defense, it was free on Prime and it has William Powell in it, and I have this huge crush on that debonair, sexy actor.)

But OMG, the clothes! The clothes stole the showmovie, in my opinion. And today I'm just doing this absolutely horribly girly thing and just going ahead and nattering about it.

Because I'm a vintage fashion fanatic. I don't get into that much here on Book Babe, but what the heck, it's actually a cute movie with some good points: 1. It's okay to be a girl and wear glasses! Quit worrying about how "unattractive" it makes you and find a man who appreciates you for you, glasses, weight gain, gnarly hair, pimples, whatever. 2. Money is nice, but love is better!

But back to the clothes. What I wouldn't give for some of these dresses, especially the ones Betty Grable wore. I guarantee they look way better when you actually watch the movie, and in color.

And I am not a fan of Marilyn Monroe..okay? Well, let me take that back. I don't care for the roles she played, but that's not saying she wasn't a decent actress. And I don't care for how she is portrayed as a two-bit whore. Maybe she wasn't one. Regardless, I think she did a good job in this. She plays this young woman who does dumb things because she can't see without her glasses and she's so afraid she won't attract a man, she doesn't wear them. And while I rolled my eyes at this at first, I actually appreciated this tiny storyline. I was once a girl who was embarrassed to show my hearing aid, who tried to hide it under my hair all the time, so I get it.

Anyway, she actually plays the most amusing character, even though the star is Lauren Bacall.

And she absolutely stuns in this purple dress. (I have no copyright to these images. They are merely posted everywhere online.)

I'm not a fan of Lauren either. (May she rest in peace. I actually feel bad now in light of her passing last month). Her husky, man-like voices gets on my nerves for some reason. (I played the sound straight from the Kindle into my hearing aid, for those who raised their eyebrows at that.) And her character in this movie stinks, but I tell ya if I ever marry again for whatever reason, I'm getting this wedding dress remade.

You know what? Long review short, sometimes we have to just set aside feminism and enjoy a good "chick flick" and I'd call this a classic chick flick. It's def one I see having girlfriends over (assuming I actually had any in person), popping the cork off a bottle of pink wine, and sitting down and watching.

I found this to be a fun film. It wasn't as funny as I expected, but I did laugh a few times, and as I said above, after having watched it, I appreciated the morals, however small they were in the big scheme of things. And hey, we need to bring back the fishtail!

So, what are some movies you are almost ashamed to have enjoyed for whatever reason?


  1. I've had this movie in my Netflix cue forever, debating back and forth on whether or not to spend and hour and a half of my life on it. I think you tipped me over to the watch side. :) Nice review!

    1. Ava, you'll have to let me know what you think of it!