Sunday, August 17, 2014

Affinity Shows Us Two Very Different Women in Very Different Prisons

I debated whether to bother reviewing this for Book Babe. I didn't dislike the movie. On the contrary, I was wholly engrossed in it. But it does not contain strong heroines. They are rather weak, really. One is weak in heart, lonely, a prisoner in her own home and way of life. She's a prime example of how one could have every materialistic possession, money, and title, and yet still be miserable and alone. Desperate.

She's the perfect prey and easily duped by a young prisoner, another woman, whose prison is an actual cell and perhaps, her own depravity.

I guess the prisoner's character is strong...stronger than the lady's anyway. But she too is weak to things, matters of the flesh, the heart, and overly desirous of what the lady has. Yes, material items can weaken us.

That being said, I'd like to talk about the good things in this movie: It's entertaining, suspenseful, has terrific costumes and settings (Victorian England), and shows us how very rough life in a women's prison was back in these times: their cells, their bathing process, their hair being shorn, their items being stored in drawers and riffled through by whomever wishes to, the dark rooms used for discipline.

There's a supposed spiritual theme too, as the prisoner claims that spirits speak through her. As a matter of fact, a spirit named Peter Quick is, of course!, the actual murderer...not her. *winks*

The acting was superb, as I found myself duped as well. Didn't see the results coming. Not at all.

The cons: The movie was very dark, and I don't mean in nature (which it is) but the lighting. I get London is a rather dark and foggy place at times, but everyday? The prison I expected to be dark, but the rest of it, it seemed they dimmed everything.

My last the closing credits rolled by I found myself scratching my head and asking, "So, was Peter Quick fake? Who was that face then? Is she a spiritualist? What the hell?"

I hate being left with questions.

BUT, for those who love a suspenseful period drama, this is a great flick to get your hands on. Note: there is some very mild lesbianism--nothing but kisses. Also note, this is based on a Sarah Waters book, which I have not read.

I bought this DVD on Amazon.

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