Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fire! Fire! Grab the...

Have you ever wondered how you would act in the heat of an emergency? Would you remain calm and do what was needed or freak out and scream bloody murder and pretty much just need to be rescued?

I’ve always pondered how I would react. Except for a nasty car wreck, I haven’t faced too many emergencies (knock on wood). Something funny happened to me this week and I discovered how I would react if there was a fire at my place of work.

You see, we had a fire drill, only I didn’t know it was a fire drill. With all the mishaps that have occurred in the building, I honestly thought upon seeing the flashing fire lights, “Oh crap. One of the machines must have caught fire. I better get the heck out of here.”

I’m pleased to inform you all that I was perfectly calm. I shut off my machine, took off my smock (I’m not sure why I did this, except it’s hot outside. LOL), grabbed my car keys (if the building burned down, I sure didn’t want to be stuck there), my wallet (can’t drive home without it), and decided everything else, like my lunch and papers, and tote bag, and even my chocolate (gasp!), was expendable. “Let it burn,” I thought as I walked toward the exit.

All this time, I moved quickly but calmly. It’s a big building. I wasn’t too worried about a fire reaching me that fast. I’m sure, however, that if a fire chief were to read this, he’d wince.

I made it safely outside and stood amongst my coworkers for a head count, peering around for the fire.

We were then informed it was a drill. I was torn between relief that nobody was hurt and disappointment ‘cause I’d rather looked forward to just going home…

And then the bosses kept on and on about something I couldn’t understand…so I opened my kindle and began to read.

Yes, in the heat of the moment, when I thought the building may be burning around me, I grabbed my kindle, boys and girls. LOL

As my husband says, “A girl’s got to have her priorities.”

So now I know that in the event I’m facing fire, I will of all things, grab my kindle. LOL I share this story because I know you book lovers will chuckle and understand.

Children and pets aside (We all know that’s the #1 priority, always), what would you grab on your way out the door? What’s the one item you apparently can’t be without, even if the building is about to burn to the ground?


  1. I'm glad you're safe, and had your priorities straight. Sounds like you're a good one in a crisis! Thinking as well as reacting.

    I'd want my laptop. It holds everything. Kindle, too. But laptop first. I do have 'things' I'd want to save but without time to be sure of anything else, that purse with the laptop in it, or the laptop alone, would be my first priority IF I had time to grab it. Since I work at home, I would be surrounded by things that I might grab on my way out the door, though.

  2. It is always good to know how a co worker would react to a situation. I am glad you know what it is you need to get home and to read while waiting for bosses to stop talking or should I say lecture all of you on safety.