Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Oakdale Dinner Club by Kim Moritsugu

The Oakdale Dinner ClubYou know those TV shows that you find yourself addicted to, even though you find them trashy? Perhaps it was Devious Maids? Or a daytime soap? I know I watched the first season of DM even though it was kinda trashy, all those people sleeping with others' spouses...but it was entertaining and funny, a guilty pleasure.

Like this book.

It didn't make me LOL, didn't make me cry, didn't really do anything but entertain me. But I couldn't stop reading. Despite the somewhat dryness of the writing--it doesn't really let you get "intimate" with any one character--I found myself invested in the stories. Who's going to be Mary Ann's fling? Is Danielle ever going to get out of the kitchen? And I found myself relating to many of the characters' issues, from a stalled marriage, to wanting to be alone, to not wanting to cook anymore because it's become such a chore. There's a lot going on here.

I must applaud the author for a great skill she shows in this novel. Normally when I pick up a story and it gives me 15 different characters and their backstories and current issues, I'll be lost. I won't remember who is who unless I write it all down. And while there were some odd moments I got confused between Kate or Alice and wait a minute--who the heck was Sarah again?, once the story picked up momentum, I knew who was who and who had done what with who. Each of the characters had such different personalities and traits.

I really liked Mary Ann and was cheering her on as she used a dinner party to socialize and meet her affair man. Trust me when I say, Mary Ann has every reason to be doing this. It's not the least offensive.

I found her very humorous, actually. She was the best part of the story. Her character and the things she said.

Long review short, I was addicted to this and it made for a quick read. Lots of drama, scandal, and it's really cool how a dinner party leads to so many different relationships formed--and not just sexual, but business opportunities, friendships, etc.

I'm not quite sure how the telepathy fit into anything though. Seemed out of place.

I received this via Netgalley.

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