Monday, June 16, 2014

My Vintage Day, World War II "Experience"

I did something utterly exciting this last Friday. I went to Heber City, UT, where they were honoring the 70th Anniversary of D-Day. You all know my obsession with aircraft--all kinds!--and my strong interest in World War II. I certainly read enough novels about it!

So...I'm tickled pink to share with you all my day. I feel it's appropriate to share it here. I'm not on Facebook anymore either, so this gives me a way to share my pictures with those who are interested.

What did you do? you ask.

I went up in a B-25 called Maid in the Shade! I sat in the back with the guns and we flew around for about twenty minutes. I've never in my life flown on a plane so very old with so much history behind it. This aircraft is a restored WWII plane that flew missions in 1944. It did a lot over Italy. I've taken a screen shot from the website. I encourage you to go look for yourself though; just click on the words Maid in the Shade up there.

Anyway, here are some photos from the experience, outside and in. I must say, I loved the feel of this aicraft. It feels like you're in a plane. The rumble, the vibration. It's just too awesome for words. So much more exhilarating than modern-day aircraft. With modern-day ones, you pretty much forget you're in a plane.

Inside! Finally! I'm terribly windblown at this point...and a bit frazzled...I'll get to that.

My generous and handsome hubby. No, ladies, you cannot have him.

Before we took off, the emergency exit was open, just a little circle of sheet metal. 
I was facing the cockpit. This was my view. I was sitting next to a gun, on the left.
I think what amazed me the most about this experience is all the people I know who had a hand in the life of this aircraft, the women in the factories who riveted them, the WASP who ferried them, the men who flied them over Italy, and the soldiers who sat in the seat you see wondering if they were going to die. We must remember to thank these people each and every day. Without them having fought the war, imagine what the world would be like now.

Flying over Park City.

Me with my flight certificate. See how hard a time I'm having keeping my dress down? You see, I thought it was appropriate to wear one of my new vintage-style dresses... However, it was a LOT windier than I anticipated and I also had to...whilst holding my dress down, somehow climb up and down a ladder. *gulp*. Thank goodness I wore full-coverage underwear. Double thank goodness they were purple. It's not so bad if they match, huh? I'm fairly certain I flashed everyone there. UGH.

Like the dress? Want the look for yourself? Find it on ModCloth, one of my favorite online dress shops. And no, this isn't a sponsored post or review. I bought and paid for this item myself and just thought I'd mention it.

My certificate.

I, of course, had my feminine radar up and took photos of everything remotely womanly in the museum hangar.

When I saw this....I laughed. Had to take a picture, because this was me...all day. *smh*
Funny fact I know those pin-up girls painted on the sides of the bombers to "boost morale"? Personally I think some of the nudies probably boosted other things...*snort* but of course, American women back then had delicate sensibilities--or so, men thought--and it turns out they were not allowed to pain those nudie girls on the sides of their aircraft until they were overseas. 

Anyway, that ends my Vintage WWII experience. Did anybody else do anything to honor WWII, D-day?


  1. This is a great article. I love the pictures and the history you shared with us. You always find the humor in everything and I like that. I am so glad you had this opportunity and that you shared it with us.

  2. How cool! It sounds like it was a blast.