Thursday, June 12, 2014

Paw Enforcement by Diane Kelly

Paw Enforcement"You kick my dog again, you're losing a tooth or a nut. I'm not telling you which, so it'll be a surprise."

What a fabulously fun and funny read! I laughed so many times. Those of you who may have read the Chet and Bernie mysteries, featuring the PI and his dog...if you enjoyed that, you'll love this! It's Chet & Bernie for women, only better, in my opinion.

First of all, Megan the cop is incredibly ballsy. She has inner fears, but acts regardless. Even when she's afraid, she steps up to get the job done. She's also getting over a childhood in which she was made fun of and ridiculed for having a stutter. That's a disability in a way, and to me, makes her even more likable. She does have anger management issues, but who can blame her?

To give you an example of what Megan is like....let's just say the book starts off with her having tased her human partner in the....err...nads. LOL But he deserved it, trust me.

Something else I like about this, though it plays a minor part to the whole tuna-bomber and dog/partner stories is that it shows us the "good 'ole boy" system in the police force. I have a feeling the series will shows us book by book Megan struggling to overcome this as she strives to make detective.

I also enjoy just seeing what everyday beat cops do, especially K-9. Most novels follow detectives or something, so this was something new to me.

And I can't fail to mention Megan's new partner is a dog, a K-9 dog, obviously, with funny dog thoughts and habits, and an appetite for leather shoes.

Like Mackey she occasionally passed gas in the cruiser, but at least she didn't laugh about it and hold the window lock button down to prevent me from getting fresh air.

There's a mystery involving a bomber. The story goes back and forth in third person, following either the bomber, Megan, or Brigit the dog. My only complaint about this book is that some of the chapters were incredibly short. We get all of one or two sentences before the chapter ends and the "POV" changes.

But this was a very enjoyable read and I look forward to reading more of Megan and Brigit's adventures. The LOL moments were just priceless and had me laughing out loud at break at work.

I found a metal coat hangar in my closet, manipulated it into a hook shape, and fished what looked like a wet kitten out of my drain. Had I been the crafty type, I could've glued googly eyes to it and sold it on Etsy.

ARC received via Netgalley. No financial reimbursement. Quotes may be different in the final version.